Private mantendrán concessions concentes a pesar de la statización del litio: Rocío Nahle

In a forum organized by the goberno state of Veracruzen Boca del Ríothe Secretariat of Energy, Rocío Nahleguaranteed that the reform of the Constitution in electric matter which is being discussed at the Federal Congress no tender mining expropriation some of the licensors of lithium explosion maintains its titles, although it is an industry incipient high in the country and part of the approval of the changes and no new concession will be granted to private parties for this strategic material in the electricity supply.

Según Nahle, el litio es un strategic mineral which is only found in 12 countries of the world and Mexico is one of them, with a potential of 2% in the sun and has to be reserved for its exploitation is for the benefit of the people.

To this end, Articles 25 and 28 of the Constitution shall be amended to specify that lithium is the property of the nation and will not constitute a monopoly on the exclusive exploitation of the State.

However, it is clear that this does not imply any expropriation of concessions granted to mines of other materials, such as gold, flat and covered, mainly, which are subject to the current conditions and terms regarding these minerals, except with the explanation explained in lithium.

Thus, the sixth transition of the Modification to the Carta Magna punctualizes that “the mining concessions and the authorities of the Mexican State and of the countries are exploring the exploring gold, plate, cobra and other minerals that are preserved in the terms without embargo, these concessions do not cover the lithium exploitation and production“.

Without embarrassment, the mining concessions granted by the Mexican State on the occasion of the existence of previous exploration lithium debits were approved by the Finance Secretariatno restrictions will be applied in the previous paragraph.

At its conference, exactly 99% of the people in Mexico currently have electric cover and it is due to the fact that the CFE has a social compromise and because it is in all countries, it is as if this reform eliminates the legal separation of the company in order to operate as an organism of the State with legal personality and heritage property, being the head of electricity and the National Electric Systemas well as his planning and control.

In this sense, Nahle García agrees that in order to guarantee the electricity supply in order of merit of production costs and in a chaotic manner as it is imposed on Energetic reform of 2013el National Center for Energy Control (Cenace) is reincorporated into the CFE where the company controls the electricity supply each day. With her CFE can sell its produced electricity and obtain major mayors; asimismo, will guarantee to deliver to the 46.2 million energy users constant the 24 hours beautiful prices.

On the other hand, the Energy Secretariat recorded that the CFE imposed a lame scheme on the legacy of its tax agreements between its subsidiaries in order to buy electricity from those generally priced that affect the finances of the company. del Estado. Ante ello, dijo que la Electric reform propose to eliminate dichos contracted legacies and a change in the electricity supply, the cual quedaría in the next order: 1: hydroelectric; 2: nuclear; 3: geothermal; 4: CFE gas; 5: conventional thermal of the CFE; 6: eólica; 7: solar; 8: private gas, and 9: private carbon.

Of the new account, Nahle Garcia reiterates that this new scheme allows that the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) generates at least 54% of the electricity required by countries and private homes at 46%, (equivalent to all electricity in Argentina); “is guaranteed to kill all and all Mexicans energy securitythe CFE will maintain the social service mission and with it the electricity tariffs can be maintained at a price lower than inflation “, dijo.

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