Analysis. She’s not the type to get discouraged at the first disappointment. In January, a Harris Interactive poll gave Anne Hidalgo 6% of the voting intentions in the first round of the presidential election. A few days later, Ipsos credited it with barely more, 8% to 9%, in the event of competition with Yannick Jadot and Jean-Luc Mélenchon. And only 16% on the assumption that it has no environmental rival. Not enough to disturb the confrontation announced between Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen.

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The mayor of Paris, however, has not given up on the idea of ​​appearing at the Elysee Palace. On the contrary. Determined to keep her pre-candidacy alive, she embarked on a tour of France. One day in Rouen to discuss the need to “To repair the links which have been very damaged between the French”. Another to Nancy to say his “Fear” of “Chaos” what would France know if the far right came to power. She is also preparing a book for the start of the September school year.

Will Anne Hidalgo represent the social democratic left in the presidential election in 2022? Does she have any chance of winning? In a few months, the socialist succeeded in establishing herself in the game. Her name now comes first in the list of possible candidates from the PS. But the support of a very weakened party is not enough. On the road to the Elysée, the “queen mayor” is faced with three massive obstacles. Concrete blocks similar to those installed in Paris after the terrorist attacks to block ram cars.

  • A very negative image outside his camp

The first is herself. This mayor who, campaigning for her re-election, has not stopped promising that she would not run for the Elysee Palace. This chosen one who, even today, claims to have not really ” desire ” to compete in 2022, but rather feel a ” responsibility “, that of preventing if it can a Macron-Le Pen duel. This politician, above all, whose image is particularly contrasted: quite positive on the left and among environmentalists, very negative on the right.

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The last barometer carried out by Elabe on February 2 and 3 for The echoes and Radio Classique is revealing. Some 48% of supporters of the left have a positive image of her. But the score falls to 30% among supporters of La République en Marche (LRM) or the Modem, 17% among right-wing supporters and 12% among those of the far right. Considered by her supporters as a woman of conviction, anchored to the left, ready to do battle to fight against the car, she is judged on the right authoritarian, sectarian, poor manager. In total, those who appreciate it are much less numerous (24%) than those who reject it (54%).

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