President of Ukraine asks Microsoft, Oracle and SAP to stop providing support in Russia

The president of Ukraine, Volodimir Zelensky, has called on multinational software companies such as microsoft, Oracle and SAP stop supporting their products and cancel their contracts in Russia.

“Microsoft, Ocracle, SAP, stop supporting your products in Russia. Stop the war!” Zelensky appealed in a message posted on Twitter.

“There can be no halftones or halftones! There is only black and white, good and bad! Either they are for peace or they support the bloody Russian aggressor who kills Ukrainian children and women,” Zelensky said.

microsoftspecializing in operating systems such as Windows and office automation programs, has stopped accepting new clients in Russiabut the other two companies have not commented on the matter.

Oracle is known above all for its databases and is American, as is microsoftwhile the German SAP is dedicated to the design of business management computer products.


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