President Joe Biden congratulates Justin Trudeau on his re-election

Eight months ago, the roles were reversed. But on Tuesday, it was US President Joe Biden’s turn to call the prime minister Justin trudeau to congratulate him.

The Canadian Prime Minister’s Office confirmed in the evening that the two leaders had a telephone conversation on Tuesday, in which Mr. Biden offered his congratulations to Mr. Trudeau on his re-election, which took place on Monday evening.

As they had done when Mr. Biden took office as president on January 22, Mr. Trudeau and he agreed to meet “soon”, to discuss “bilateral cooperation in various important files”.

Moreover, several subjects discussed during this meeting will be similar to those which had furnished the conversation for the month of January, with the management of the COVID-19 pandemic as a priority.

Mr. Trudeau has also confirmed that he will participate, this Wednesday, in the virtual world summit on COVID-19 entitled “End the pandemic and strengthen health security to prepare for the next” organized by Mr. Biden.

The two men therefore intend to use their next meeting to tackle measures that can be taken to better curb the pandemic, which includes managing the land border.

As of August 9, fully vaccinated Americans who wish to enter Canada through the land border have been allowed to do so, even if their travel is deemed “non-essential,” but the opposite is still not possible.

Washington announced Monday that the United States will lift restrictions on fully vaccinated international air travelers on November 1, but its land borders will remain closed until at least October 21.

Trade relations between the two countries were also discussed. Mr. Trudeau notably returned to Mr. Biden’s “Buy America” policy, which aims to promote local purchasing for American companies.

Concerning the environment, MM. Biden and Trudeau will prepare for their participation in the next COP26 summit, which will take place in November in Glasgow, Scotland. The two leaders will also discuss their other strategies to tackle climate change.

Finally, the fate of Canadians Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig, who are still detained in China, was also discussed.

In a statement, the White House also reported on the meeting, stressing that the US president reiterated his intention to work in collaboration with Canada – “one of our nation’s most important partners,” a- he said.

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