PQ suggests the Legault government is not cooperating with the CHSLD investigation

Paul St-Pierre Plamondon said the government is getting dangerously close to obstacles and obstructions.

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The leader of the Parti Québécois said on Tuesday that he suspects the provincial government drew up a document from scratch presented to the coroner Géhane Kamel, who is presiding over an investigation into deaths in Quebec’s long-term care centers (CHSLD) during the first wave of COVID. 19 pandemic.

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Speaking to reporters in the National Assembly, Paul St-Pierre Plamondon added that the government was getting dangerously close to obstacles and obstructions.

Kamel announced on Monday that he had received an Excel file from the government containing information on the inspections conducted in the CHSLDs in the spring of 2020.

However, the coroner had looked for each of the inspectors’ reports rather than a file to which the information had been transferred.

“What was presented was never, from what we understand, was said to be a rebuild, a fabrication dated November 16,” he said. “It’s starting to look like an obstacle, like an obstruction on the part of a government that does not want to collaborate with a medical examiner tasked … with shedding light on what happened during the first wave.”


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