Postponed the eviction of the Badalona warehouse scheduled for this Thursday

  • The judge has accepted the appeal presented by the hundred people without resources who live in the old factory squatted in Carrer del Progrès and has postponed the launch until next January 13

The judge has accepted the appeal presented by the inhabitants of the warehouse on Calle del Progrés, in Badalona, and has postponed the eviction scheduled for this Thursday, December 2. until next January 13 at 12 noon. Last July, the pressure of the neighbors that surrounds the a hundred people surviving in the old ship has already succeeded for the first time in getting the judge to suspend the previous eviction order in the same ship, owned by Sareb, waiting for the social services to send the vulnerability reports of the dozens of people who take shelter in the ship, many of them from the Gorg ship, also in Badalona, inside which four people died in a few days a year ago as a result of a fire. Tragedy that at that time made everyone put their hands on their heads but that, a year later, it was repeated this Tuesday in Barcelona, in another fire in a slum in the Plaza de Tetuan in which an entire family died with two children, a baby and a three-year-old child.

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The macro eviction scheduled for this Thursday – and finally postponed – in Badalona was going to take place less than two weeks after another very similar one was executed at the other end of the metropolitan area, in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat. The eviction by court order of the warehouse on Avenida de Vilafranca, in L’Hospitalet, on November 22, expelled the 70 people who survived there, 12 of whom have since been camped in the middle of the street, on Avenida de Catalunya, demanding a collective solution at the gates of winter. A ship, that of the avenue of Vilafranca, which had also suffered at least two fires.

The eviction that today still stands for this Thursday is that of 3 of the street of Riereta, in the Raval of Barcelona, ​​low places that the neighbors squatted as a formula to expel the traffickers who had frightened the block and the neighborhood.

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