Porfirio Muñoz Ledo will advise the Citizen Movement but will continue in Morena

Exprista, experrerista, exparmista, expetita y actual militant de Brunette, Porfirio Muñoz Ledo now he will advise the party Citizen movement (MC).

“To systematize the social democratic agenda and position it publicly, the Citizen Movement formed a promoter committee with the mandate to define objectives, strategy, agenda, scope and activities, as well as the personalities and organizations identified with the democratic left in Mexico and the world, which are references for the promotion of the project The Future is Social Democrat, ” reported Dante Delgado, national coordinator of the MC, and that Muñoz Ledo will guide the work due to his “extensive political experience and his invaluable historical and personal connection with world social democracy.”

After being decorated by Dante with the “Medal of Citizen Merit, Benito Juárez Garcia”, Muñoz Ledo predicted that in the coming months, before the end of two years, and “by force of politics, the economy, society and ambitions, this regime of concentration of powers will tend to unravel.” ‘.

The citizen rally last week in the capital’s Zócalo, he interpreted, reveals that the president is “afraid of something” Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

“I believe that he is feeling the emptiness of the abandonment of power in a way that is no longer premature, also knowing that the level of concentration of powers that exists in Mexico is neither inheritable nor repeatable.”

After the neoliberal period, not neoliberalism, he clarified, of concentration of powers, the task will be to re-establish the Republic.

“What will be the role of the State in a globalized world dominated by cybernetics and telecommunications? How will public powers be organized in a world that will require the participation of subnational powers, states, and members of society? That is the answer we must find: the Mexico that comes in a globalized world. That is everyone’s task and for everyone. It is the task of this generation of Mexicans, ” he said.


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