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A 27-year-old Saskatoon man is in custody following two car thefts and a police chase that resulted in a collision with a home Monday night.

Around 8 p.m. Saskatoon police were alerted that a Ford Escape SUV had been stolen from a business in the 2600 block of Avenue C North.

Officers tracked the vehicle using GPS and said it was driving erratically through several areas, including 33rd Street and Confederation Drive, before passing through a park.

Police used spike belts twice to partially disable the truck, but the driver managed to return to business on Avenue C.

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Police say the suspect abandoned the truck and stole a GMC Cube truck.

They used another belt of spikes on the van, which then crashed into three police vehicles and finally a house in the 800 block of Avenue S North.

Neighbor Alexis Bennett said the incident happened right outside her home and was upsetting for her and her young children.

“I heard this roar and I thought what is that noise,” Bennett said Tuesday. “Suddenly we saw like six police cars flying down 29th Street.”

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He said the sound of spiked belts popping the van’s tires sounded like gunshots.

“We closed the blinds, turned off the lights, and ran to the opposite side of the house and we all sat on the floor,” Bennett said.

When her husband finally looked out the window, he saw that the truck had crashed into his neighbor’s house.

While no one was seriously injured, she wants to know how the police allowed the chase to get to this point.

“My question is why did it take so long to stop this guy if they had been tracking him with GPS the entire time,” Bennett said. “There are many of us in the area, including my neighbors who want to know why…. Why did you have to get to this point where you were in a residential area where people could have been injured if not killed? “

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During the man’s subsequent arrest, the police found a knife in his possession.

He now faces charges of possession of stolen property, assault on four police officers, dangerous driving, theft and breach of court conditions.

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Police chase ends with car crashing into Saskatoon home

Police chase ends with car crashing into Saskatoon home

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