Podemos and the independentistas promote a commission to investigate the relationship between the ‘sewers of the State’ and Pegasus

United We Can and the partners of the coalition government have registered a petition to create an investigation commission in Congress on the “possible existence of any parapolice plot outside the law and democratic control within State institutions”. Without making it clear, the purples, along with ERC, EH Bildu, Junts, Pdecat, CUP, BNG, Más País and Compromís, want to investigate the possible relationship between espionage with Pegasus more than 60 leaders and activists of the Basque and Catalan independence movement with the so-called ‘sewers of the State’, in line with what they have been dropping in recent weeks.

In an attempt to save the veto of the PSOE to a commission to investigate in a concrete way the intervention of the cell phones of the independence leaders, the new proposal is based on ‘Operation Kitchen’, according to which, during the mandate of Mariano Rajoyreserved funds were allegedly used to create a vigilante structure that spied on PP officials and the political opposition.

“With the media outburst of the scandal of massive espionage to institutions -also to the President of the Government-, activists, politicians, lawyers, and journalists with the Pegasus software, speculations about the audit of the same have been proliferating“, they point out in the text, before denouncing the “no explanations from the government“. “Although all kinds of speculations have proliferated, some originating from the declarative ambiguities of some members of the Government, nobody and nothing have been able to point out authors or responsibilities,” they conclude.

The objectives

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The main objective of the commission is “to know in detail the relationship with the police and the media network of former commissioner José Manuel Villarejo”, who supposedly directed the vigilante structure. The intention, therefore, of the purples and the majority of members of the Executive, is to investigate the possible relationship of espionage to the sovereignist world with the so-called ‘patriotic police’ that, presumably, was built in the Ministry of the Interior.

Last week, at the exit of the reserved expenses commission, the ERC spokesman, Gabriel Rufián, already pointed to the hypothesis that part of the espionage could come from “uncontrolled State organisms”. His counterpart in United We Can, Pablo Echenique, assured that it cannot be ruled out that the authorship is from “cells” of the State itself.

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