Pillars of CDMX offer free programming courses with Google certification

In order to generate jobs with added value and that the economic vocation of the capital can change, the Government of Mexico City made an alliance with the company Google that the students of the 140 Pillars can be certified in programming.

At a press conference, the head of the Government of Mexico City, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardo, explained that within the structure of pillars The Schools of Code were created, whose purpose is that the population of the capital learn free of charge to program and have a Google Mexico certification that gives them access to specialized jobs.

“This is very good news for everyone, but in particular, for the young people of the city, come to Pilares, sign up for the School of Code, learn to program and in this way, you will have a Google certification and you will be able to have access to different jobs that require programming specialists today”, he detailed, anticipating that they will soon announce an alliance with amazon.

For her part, the Office Manager and Manager of Government Relations and Public Policy for Google in Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean, Krizia Delgadoreported that 90% of people certified by Google get a job in the first three months after graduation.

“We will collaborate shoulder to shoulder with the City Government to offer our certifications to all the interested population that satisfactorily concludes the courses of the same. We are convinced that public-private collaboration is essential to accelerate the social and technological development of our country”, he stressed.

According to local authorities, salaries for junior programmers range from 12,000 to 26,000 pesos, however, for those who have the Google Certification the salary range is much higher, above 35,000 to 40,000 pesos per month.

Sheinbaum Pardo stressed that they want the capital to be the largest and best niche in specialized programmers in the country.

At the same time, within these certification plans, it seeks to support graduates to work with private companies, as well as with data center projects in the city and Vallejo-i.


The CEO of the Digital Agency for Public Innovation (ADIP), José Antonio Peña Merino, explained that the inscriptions to the 140 Code Schools in Pilares are open to all public.

“The Code Schools are open to everyone, no one is going to be denied access, regardless of age, formal training, education, precisely for this reason this program is designed so that in the first 30 hours we can all get into a similar level,” he said.

The schedules of face-to-face classes in the Code Schools They will be weekly two hours per day, from Tuesday to Friday and four hours on weekends, either Saturday or Sunday.

In total, the free programming courses will last three months and are expected to train about 10,000 people a year.

the owner of the ADIP explained that all students who enroll in the Code Schools They will receive a 30-hour course on Computational Thinking and later, if they wish, they will be trained as Web Page Developers for a total of 30 hours.

Additionally, they will be able to learn Databases in a total of 30 hours and develop as a junior data analyst accredited as a Python associate programmer, with a total of 40 hours and finally have the junior programmer training associated with Java with 60 hours.

According to Peña Merino, the certifications, like Java, range from 10,000 to 100,000 pesos; however, for this alliance these will not have any cost in Pilares.

People looking to register can do so through the page https://escuelasdecodigo.cdmx.gob.mx/.


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