Faced with an impasse in negotiations between Olymel and the workers at the Vallée-Jonction plant, the Éleveurs de porcs du Québec demand the personal intervention of the Premier Francois Legault to resolve the conflict.

The workers of the union affiliated to the CSN rejected by 57% the agreement in principle, reached on August 14, between union representatives and management.

For David Duval, president of Éleveurs de porcs du Québec, the rejection is a “real slap in the face” of its members, who are the “victims” of this conflict.

“It’s over the chatter, it’s been 23 sessions [de négociation] they have, he laments at a press conference in Longueuil. It needs to be resolved quickly. “

150,000 animals awaiting slaughter

The number of pigs awaiting slaughter has crossed a new record of 150,000 animals, reports the association. Mr. Duval estimates that under current conditions, it will take at least six months for the situation to return to normal.

About ten days after having said that the breeders would soon not have the choice to proceed with “humane slaughter”, Mr. Duval replied that he could not say when the breeders would be forced to euthanize the huddled pigs. in their park.

Settle the conflict as quickly as possible

The Minister of Labor, Jean Boulet, appointed Jean Poirier as special mediator “in order to settle the conflict as quickly as possible”, he announced on Twitter.

“Mr. Poirier has extensive knowledge of the industry and has all the skills required to help the parties resolve the impasse. “

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Company management expressed deep disappointment earlier Wednesday at the rejection of unionized workers.

“An agreement in principle is not an à la carte menu. You can’t just choose what suits you, ”reacts Paul Beauchamp, Olymel’s senior vice-president, in a press release.

At the end of financial capacity

Mr. Beauchamp affirms that Olymel has reached the end of its financial capacity “without compromising the viability and sustainability of the plant”. The employer invites workers to reconsider their position.

As for unionized employees, Martin Maurice, president of the Olymel Workers Union in Vallée-Jonction (CSN), said in a press release Tuesday evening that the employees had rejected the agreement because they did not judge it. not satisfactory.

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