Pierre Cardín, the designer who has always made fashion of the future

Cosmo Corps 3022, is a collection loaded with astrology, cosmic trends and various geometric shapes that once again showed the passion for the future that the designer has always lived with. Pieter Cardín.

The iconic designer who introduced fun-a-porter fashion and attracted the rock band “The Beatles” in the 1960s, made the future in fashion.

Two years after his death and after a break, this firm returns to Paris Fashion Week to pay tribute and showcase the brand. Pierre Cardin was again on the calendars of the Fashion Week with the big firms like: Valentino, Chanel, Dior and Luis Vuitton, offering their treadmill through this week.

Pierre Cardin is the firm that concluded this fashion week with gold bronze. The catwalk of this prestigious fashion house was held at the Le Bourget Air and Space Museum, with a stage decorated by a full-scale rocket made by the European Space Agency. Scenography that represents the whole essence of the designer who died on December 29, 2020 at the age of 98.

Cardin started designing at the age of 23 and cut patterns with the needleworkers of Chanelwith whom he worked to make the hats of Schiaparelli’s luxury firm – peculiar to a pigskin coat – and to whom a seer told him that his name would be all over the world … it it came true.

The fashion by Pierre Cardin, stood out above the traditional luxury brands for his famous dresses that are usually bubble-shaped at the bottom, for his glasses and, most importantly, for the ability he has to create and make clothes that are not wearable , felt a need to have it in the closet. He also had a great ability to do business. His life between seams began around the 1940s.

His team only chose Mexico as the ideal country to live in real time what happened while his collection of parades Paris, on a stage full of sparkles, referring to space, the magic happened. The reason for choosing the country was due to the fascination the designer had for Mexico and to this day, the team leading the firm has continued to fulfill his wishes.

The models came up with futuristic suggestions and started parading with space sounds. A space rocket that adorned the catwalk was the one that caused a sensation by mimicking a takeoff. The designerPierre Cardín, always created and invented until the end of his life, with only one thing in mind and that has always mattered to him … the future!

In the 1960s, Pierre Cardin was the firm that made miniskirts and dresses above the knee fashionable, as well as maxi skirts that end at the ankle, the core of his proposals that remain and characterize the firm.

the legacy continues

This time, of course, was no exception and the legacy lives on with that premise. Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, his nephew, is the one now in charge of the brand.

the silhouettes of Cosmocorps 3022 they were styled with straight and circular lines, dresses with cavities in the chest that gave air to the smoothness of the proposals, others were with curved lines that suddenly distracted the continuation of the woman’s silhouette.

The layers were present which gave flight to the dresses, it was attached to the shoulder pads and for the men’s suggestions they were also present. Despite the fact that in the 50s, this designer was the one who introduced male models for the first time, this time there were few proposals for men. Few men’s trousers were shown with movements and accompanied by hoods in black with details in metallic colors and accessories on the chest.

As for accessories, the hats were covered to the bottom of the nose, leaving a hole in the eyes, the details were in the shape of a semicircle in most youth dresses that ended above the knee.

The range of colors offered during the treadmill was wide, there was room for black, white, yellow and even metallic colors.

The bags were attached around to a saucer, it was as if we had Saturn in our hand holding our lipstick or our antibacterial gel.

Other accessories that were present in the suggestions were rings that gave movement when walking. They were joined together in the dresses at the collarbone and the second was on the thighs, this accessory is what gives the garment its peculiarity.

The ankle boots and tennis shoes were the shoes with which the clothing proposals were supplemented, as well as the stockings which were particularly opaque. An issue that only Pierre can include in his proposals, as the socks are usually made of porous and transparent textiles.

Despite the fact that the firm has already passed into the hands of his nephew, Rodrigo Basilicati-Cardin, the essence still remains, it is still futuristic, clothes that are not wearable, but that some extrovert / or fanatic of haute couture and model luxury. fashion that you will surely want in your wardrobe, all your clothes have a story to tell.


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