Petroleum sube 34 centavos and found a maximum of 7 years for an inventory bath in EU

Loose petroleum prices If the market of these markets is followed by the maximum number of years that the second week has passed, then the reduction of the number of crude in the United States has confirmed the demand for demand and the sum of the ministers, while the inverse amounts reunion of the OPEP + which will be celebrated later.

El crudo Brent below 23 cents, or 0.26%, up to 89.39 dollars per barrel at 10:50 GMT, while 10 cents have been added on March.

El crudo estadounidense West Texas Intermediate below 34 cents, or 0.39%, at $ 88.54 a barrel.

Global level summit estimates and geopolitical tensions in Eastern and Middle Eastern Europe have boosted oil prices by as much as 15% over the next year. The four, referencing the crude alcanzaron its most high prices since October 2014, with the Brent token the 91.70 dollars and the crud estadounidense the 88.84 dollars.

“I believe that the increase of 400,000 daily barriers (from OPEP +) is discounted, so that, judging by the recent compliment figures, there will be less debt to the limitations of production”, said Tamas Varga, analyst at PVM Oil Associates, and added that the free climate in the United States should also support the prices.

It is hoped that a large-scale invertebrate will form part of the Center of the United States and extend to parts of the north this week, trayending nevadas forces, lulvia helada and hielo, dijo el lunes el National Meteorological Service.

The existence of crude in the United States cayeron at 1.6 million barrels per week ended the 28th of January, according to analysts’ estimates of an increase of 1.5 million barrels, according to market figures quoting the figures Instituto Americano del Petróleo del martes.

La Petroleum Exporters’ Organization and its allies, known as OPEP +, are likely to mantle existing planes for a moderate increase in petroleum production while reuniting the markets, the group’s dies, and the pressure of consumer consumers to accelerate production.

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