PEF 2022: opposition deputies criticize cuts to the INE and question over-allocation to government projects

Under questions about what was the process to determine the modifications to the draft opinion of the Economic Package sent by the President of the Republic, the Budget and Public Account Commission of the Chamber of Deputies Work began on Tuesday for the analysis, discussion and, where appropriate, approval of the opinion of the Federation Expenditure Budget Project (PPEF) for 2022.

It should be noted that in the absence of agreements regarding the discussion of the PPEF 2022, the Political Coordination Board (Jucopo) in the Chamber of Deputies went through the discussion in the Plenary until Wednesday, despite the fact that it was scheduled to begin its discussion on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, during the resumption of the permanent meeting of said Commission, legislators and opposition legislators showed their resounding rejection of the reallocation of practically 8,000 million pesos to projects and items that, they said, does not respond to the proposals and opinions of the commissions, nor to a good part of the arguments that were given in the Open Parliament. They also criticized the budget cut to the National Electoral Institute (OTHER).

Deputy Jose Francisco Yunes Zorrilla (PRI), highlighted that in the opinion to vote, resources are given to branches whose committees did not request it, of this reassignment, at the same time that it should be known how the reduction of resources to two autonomous entities was determined; the National Electoral Institute and the Power of attorney, to concentrate such resources to the administrative branches.

In addition, he considered that, in terms of health, the increase in resources occurs only in the conjuncture of the moment for the possibility of investing in more vaccines, but not in the supply of the basic table of medicines, or in the possibility of accompanying the service health as a universal human right.

In this sense, his benchmate, Blanca Alcala RuizHe expressed his approval of some of the proposed reassignments, such as the case of vaccination, of people with disabilities, of the Polytechnic University; However, he expressed concern about the lack of clarity of what will be the destination of these resources for vaccination, if there is already a difference between what is destined to the measures to control the Covid-19 pandemic or the issue of the vaccination of the universal primer.

The PRI also questioned the “over-allotment” to the case of fertilizers, fertilizers that, she said, will have the largest amount of resources that has historically been proposed, in addition, “in the case of Sown LifeIt is known to all that the results of the program leave much to be desired, in fact it has generated deforestation and many of these hectares have not been planted in the country, and we do not have the arguments in this regard. “

“The truth is that we would like them to be able, yes they are going to make reassignments, hopefully many of the aspects that were pointed out here are taken into account, both in the Open Parliament, and of course in the commissions themselves,” said Alcalá Ruiz.

By the PAN, deputy Hector Saúl Téllez He pointed out that his party will go against the ruling, because the budget to be approved does not have forceful actions to mitigate the negative effects of either the economic crisis or the pandemic.

“A budget that only attends to the whims that come from the Presidency to continue investing more healthy resources to the mega pharaonic works that do not stop even for a second in the face of the crisis,” he stressed.

The PAN also expressed his concern about the changes that “are directed by the Presidency”, highlighting as “aberrant and” dangerous “to cut practically 5,000 million pesos to the National Electoral Institute,” which seems to be a political revenge of the results of the last appearance.

“You were the ones who promoted a revocation of the mandate and are taking away the budget that would be precisely to address the revocation of the mandate … We also do not agree that 2,700 million now go to fertilizers, in reality that is not what the people in the open Parliament ”, he stressed.

And just like his peers PRI, the legislator called to know the destination of the spending that is being made with the budget cuts, not only where they are directed, but what is the justification for redirecting them to these new concepts.

While, Margaret Zavala, of the PAN, expressed that the modifications to the budget do not respond to open parliaments, nor to commissions nor to the evaluations of government institutions that have pointed out serious errors in some programs such as sowing life and building the future

About clipping to OTHER, the PAN deputy considered that said reduction to her budget seems more like a “revenge” for Morena, despite the fact that they themselves are the ones who are requesting a consultation to revoke the mandate.

He also launched that what is being approved is a budget that does not protect children, particularly early childhood, since despite the fact that there are greater resources in terms of vaccination against Covid-19, it is not proportional to acquire immunizations for early childhood.

In addition, he regretted that greater resources have not been labeled for the treatment of minors with cancer, so the hospital and drug deficit will remain during 2022

Solomon Chertorivsky (Movimiento Ciudadano) considered that this is the largest budget project that the country has had, however, there are areas in which the increase is transferred to projects that are not suitable, such as those that lead Pemex and the Maya Trend.

Meanwhile he cut to the INE for 5,000 million pesos it is “insane”, since it cancels the possibility that, if approved, it can be organized with the rigor and length that the possible consultation of revocation of mandate is required.

On behalf of the Parliamentary Group of the FART, the Deputy Miguel Torres He reproached that for five days they worked in an Open Parliament with organizations and personalities invited to give their opinions and, instead, they took the irresponsible attitude of ignoring them. It is, he said, a mockery that we invited them and they were not taken into account.

In addition, he stressed that the FART He does not support the “revenge” applied in the INE budget by cutting resources and said he hopes that there will be sensitivity from Morena and his allies to consider budget changes in favor of cancer patients who require resources for their treatments and medicines.


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