Payment of pensions and bursaries will be advanced through elections and consultation of revocation of mandate

Secretary of Welfare, Ariadne Montiel, reported Monday morning that, due to the veda elections due to the holding of elections on 5 June, in Aguascalientes, Durango, Hidalgo, Oaxaca, Quintana Roo and Tamaulipas to renew the governorship, and the consultation on the revocation of the presidential mandate in April, the federal government will monetary support to older adults, children with disabilities and children of working mothers to pay for childcare.

In the case of the monthly scholarship corresponding to the program Youth building the future, for 5 258 pesos, which is granted to two million 124 434 apprentices, payments will not be suspended because they are made by transfers at the end of the working month.

During the morning press conference chaired by Pres Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador In the National Palace, the official said there are already 10 million 259 861 older adults receiving a pension.

In January, and no later than this week, he explained, 39.5 billion pesos would be paid, corresponding to January and February.

The payment schedule stipulates that the older adults, people with disabilities and children will receive the payment corresponding to the first two months, ie 3 850, 2 800 and 1 600 pesos respectively, no later than the first week of February.

Next March they will receive four months in advance, ie 7 700, 5 600 and 3 200 pesos for older adults, people with disabilities and children respectively, and from July bi-monthly payments will be normalized.

Payments corresponding to the program Boring Life, of 5 000 pesos per month, will also not be suspended as it is made by bank transfers.

For 145,000 groups of welfare of three kinds, the woman outlined, 1.375 million pesos will be invested and new beneficiaries will be incorporated in April in the states where there will be no constitutional election for governor this year.

According to the annual reintegration calendar and procedures for new beneficiaries of the pension scheme for the elderly, those whose date of birth in the first four months of the year must register between 15 and 30 April and will have their payment card from 15 June to 30. This, only in the states where there will be no elections in 2022.

Those born between May and June will be registered in the first two weeks of June and their card will be delivered to them in the second two weeks of August; those born in July and August must register from 1 to 15 July and their card will be ready the first two weeks of September; those born between September and October will register from 1 to 15 September and will have their card in the first two weeks of November and those born in the last two months of the year must register in the first two weeks processed from November to receive their card from 1 to 15 January 2022.

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