The Parti Québécois accuses the Prime Minister, François Legault, of discriminating against members of other political parties to favor his candidate in the by-election in Marie-Victorin.

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PQ MP Pascal Bérubé criticized the CAQ leader on Thursday for implying that it is more difficult for a member of the opposition to advance local issues.

“When you have a deputy who comes from the government, to transmit local files to his fellow ministers, it is much easier”, declared the Prime Minister on the waves of FM103,3 according to an extract published Wednesday that has features Pascal Bérubé at a press briefing.

“The message it sends is not good, deplored Mr. Bérubé. All citizens deserve equal consideration from the government.”

“During the last few years, I’ve been here for 15 years, very rarely has anyone dared to mention that voting on the right side gives you special access,” he added.

According to him, the Prime Minister is brandishing the “argument of power” to convince voters to vote for his candidate, Shirley Dorismond.

To confront it, the PQ introduced former MP and political commentator Pierre Nantel.

The riding of Marie-Victorin, which is considered a PQ castle, has been vacant since the municipal elections last November when the independent MP for the sector, Catherine Fournier, was elected mayoress of Longueuil.

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