“Having Jennifer Beautiful At Tuzos Femenil we saw him as a distant possibility, but thanks to the efforts of his representative and the club we were able to come to a successful conclusion and bring a figure of this caliber to Mexico”. Vice President of Pachuca GroupMartín Peláez explains to The Economist How was it possible to convince the epic scorer of the Spanish National Team (42 goals) and Barcelona (181) to move to Pachuca for the next two years?

Hidalgo is not even among the 10 largest cities in the Mexican Republic, it ranks 16th nationally for its number of inhabitants with 3.1 million, it is located 65 kilometers from the main city Mexico City and according to reports of Inegi, it is the federative entity number 19 (among the 32) in terms of its economic contribution to the country. In addition, it is an industrial enclave for the Valley of Mexico region. On the other hand, Barcelona is recognized as the sixteenth best city in the world to live in, according to the 2021 report of the British newspaper The Economist over the 140 cities on the planet with the best quality of life. Jennifer Hermoso has never traveled to Pachuca.

“Pachuca is a safe, quiet city, close to Mexico City, Querétaro. We are well located and looking for your home, so that when you arrive you are calm and at ease. The most important thing is that she was convinced of the project, she fell in love, she is a winner like the institution, a professional, perhaps she is not so concerned about not being in a tourist city but about having first-world facilities, a squad that can be champions, that can compete, transcend and that provides everything a player needs such as nutritionists, physiotherapists, women’s own facilities, playing in a first level stadium. One of the key points that Jenni and her representative expressed to me is that from the first moment she felt highly valued, it is not a matter of money, because other clubs in the world can offer it to her, even more than us. She told me ‘we are going to make history, Martin’”.

For money, Spanish media mention that in the Barcelona club he received 120,000 euros a year, that is, approximately 2.5 million pesos. On June 30, the striker would see the end of her contract and just last June 19, the team signed the Brazilian Geyse Ferreira, top scorer in the Iberdrola League (20). But in Mexico, for two and a half months, Grupo Pachuca had already anticipated the proposal. The most important people in the process were Edgar Merino, his agent, and Charlyn Corral, the Clausura 2022 scoring runner-up in the Liga MX Femenil and former Atlético de Madrid player, who is the only Mexican with a Pichichi award as top scorer in the season. 2017-18 of the Spanish league.

“Hermoso did not travel to Pachuca, he has never come, he met everything through videos and things that we have sent him, talks, zooms. He also helped us that we have Charlie Corral, It was key for the negotiation, because they are friends, they know each other. He spoke to us first about the illusion of having a partner of that level, second, he told us that Jennifer is a winner, a leader, committed, a warrior. Her talent is off the charts.”

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