Pablo Casado can’t wait, by Antón Losada

Until now it was quite obvious that the leader of the PP does not know how to wait. Just as Warren Beatty died prematurely in ‘Heaven Can Wait’, Casado has reached the leadership of the opposition four years before the elections that he can really win and not sure what to do or how to behave while waiting. As a result of a leadership based on a single internal victory, four electoral defeats of his own and two triumphs that do not belong to him –Núñez Feijóo in Galicia and Díaz Ayuso in Madrid-, Casado needs everything to be exceptional to prevent that tension from blocking any attempt to question your skills as a candidate. He needs to have the country always on the brink of tragedy to save himself in his own drama.

In a machine to win elections like the PP, the leader is not questioned at the gates of elections. Maintaining the fiction of the imminence of your call is your safe conduct. Because everything in his strategy and his speech is excessive. There must always be ready a coup in Catalonia, a blood pact for budgets, a occupation of the judiciary underway, a state tax bankruptcy about to happen with stepmother Europa stalking or parents and children harassed by sexual predators or linguistic fanatics. Married does not know how to do politics normally. He drowns in the routine of a political debate without conspiracies, crimes and high treason. This tedious discussion about policies, resources and objectives that have been moving away a near horizon with ballot boxes despairs him. The serenity that Feijóo has recommended is his kryptonite.

Far from improving, by learning from the seat that politics has its times and you must know how to combine dramatically valuable moments with the certainty that governing is the sum of some decisions and the repetition of many routines, his impatience worsens. Now, in addition, Casado seems convinced that he cannot wait, that he needs to be in permanent motion because if he stops, he falls down and the same people who have set his expiration date if he does not win in 2023 would politically kill him. remained scarce. You need a daily melodrama to keep moving. Hence installed at the end and you have stopped traveling to the center, even if it is to check that everything is in order.

His fear of falling if he stops pushes him to go from one place to another for no other reason than arrive before Santiago Abascal or Ayuso. This constant movement prevents it from satisfying the first condition to be fulfilled by someone who claims to offer a credible alternative: to stand in a place with a handful of principles and proposals and to attract voters on the basis of security and coherence. That in the middle of the sixth wave, with a partner called Ciudadanos who now only aspires to manage what remains of the franchise and for some budget items for Ávila that he had to negotiate with his own spin-off, Fernandez Manueco an election is invented, it is only understood from the urgency of Casado to already have an electoral call and score a victory.

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His only consolation is that his nemesis, Díaz Ayuso, nor does he know how to wait. A headlineless day is a wasted day for her. He needs to put on his show to get ahead in a race where he no longer hides his desire for success. Being in a fight with someone is the basis of her show because her lack of limits makes her invincible. But even the least alert opponent gets tired of sparring. Neither the central government, nor the national leadership of the PP, will give him the advantage of a good fight in public because they know that what really weakens it is indifference. In the absence of enemies with whom to challenge to denounce the great Madrid-phobic conspiracy, has decided to turn the toilets into the new Spectra to beat for the heroine of reeds and freedom. The same health workers who have been fighting the pandemic for almost two years, the deniers and the managers who only wait for the curve to go down to start firing them, now dedicate their time to conspiring against Madrid and the people of Madrid. Evil never rests on the head of the president.

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