Oil union awaits vote by 72,000 workers to define new leader

A total of 72 000 workers, ie 81% of the register, registered for the electronic service to cast their vote in the election of the Secretary-General of the Union of Petroleum Workers of the Mexican Republic (STPRM).

It is through the Secretary of Labor and Social Welfare (STPS) after noticing that as of 00:01 the text messages and emails containing the voice access link and an individualized sign were successfully distributed.

In this way he has the election process the most important in the present administration, under the new rules of labor reform which allow the individual, secret and direct voice of each of the workers and whose register has reached a record of 88 per cent.

It is noteworthy that several trade union branches, of the 36 that make up the National Union, have begun to gather at the national headquarters to wait for the results at 19:00 this Monday.

“We ask you to keep calm that we are celebrating, we are going to wait for the result of the labor authorities, let’s celebrate in order, we are going to be here and wait for the result with enthusiasm,” said one of the candidates Héctor Sosa, section 34 before the rally held in the Oil Workers Union.

The STPS He explained that the platform has allowed voting from the first minute of this Monday and will close at 7pm; Sirvolab It is a platform created by the STPS and made available to the STPRM to guarantee a peaceful and impartial vote.


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