Oh great, it’s going to snow in Montreal on Tuesday morning

The snow will change to rain in the afternoon.

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Just when you thought it was safe to remove those winter tires, snow is coming back to the Montreal area on Tuesday morning.

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And it’s going to happen just in time for the morning rush, according to Environment Canada.

“It’s not abnormal to have snow at this point in April, but everyone is definitely tired of snow by this point,” said meteorologist Maja Rapaik.

Temperatures will dip overnight, with rain expected to begin about midnight in the Montreal region.

That rain will turn to snow around 6 am and the city is expected to be covered with about four or five centimeters by lunchtime.

“It’s going to be melting snow, and then it’s going to change to rain in the afternoon,” Rapaik said.

It will also be quite windy during the morning, with likes expected to reach 50 km/h in the area. The windchill will make it feel like mid-winter temperatures, with a high of only 3 C expected on Tuesday, and a windchill of -7 in the morning.

The snow will be more intense in areas north of the city and in higher elevations in the Eastern Townships. The Laurentians aren’t expecting any rain, only snow, with five or more centimeters forecast.

The snow isn’t expected to stay on the ground for very long, as the rest of the week will have temperatures more in line with seasonal normals of about 10 C during the day and just above zero overnight.

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