Nuria Escalante: a video, a shopping cart, a hotel and a suspect

“They have killed my mother.” The speaker is David, the youngest son of Nuria Escalante. “Does three years they say it is missing, though the reality is that it was a murder that has never been resolved “. Nuria’s whereabouts were lost on October 31, 2018. The 52-year-old woman had been in Ibiza for a few weeks, “she didn’t make it a month.”

Nuria left Alicante at the end of summer to find a new opportunity. Years before, he had tried his luck on the island and had found work. I do not hesitate to return. That night, the last before disappearing, was captured on camera. It is the last image they have of her: “The video leaves little doubt,” says her son. “They have killed her, they have gotten rid of her and the most certain is that the one who appears in the image is the culprit.”

David He was 21 when he said goodbye to his mother. He has been fighting for three to reach the end. For finding her. For giving him rest. He has waged a war ever since. This is the voice of David. The voice of David against Goliath.

“Something happened to mom and they buried her there & rdquor;

“One day, two, at the most … something could happen to you, your mobile may not work & mldr; but not more. My mother had not communicated with us for a couple of days and there we were alarmed “remembers David. The alert jumped. “For certain things I am very intuitive. I said it from the beginning: something has happened to Mom and they have buried her there“From Alicante, because David and Aaron – their children – this time they had stayed at home, they filed the complaint. The last time they spoke with her was on October 31, they indicated.” Not that they used many means “, laments David, the youngest of the two. Over time the researchers proved them right: the crime hypothesis was gaining strength.

The investigation is entrenched and “at a standstill”. Five people were arrested and subsequently released for lack of evidence. At 18 months, the judge ordered the case to be dismissed. However, neither David nor Aaron has stopped. “My mother was always a fighter woman and for her we are going to fight.”

In the minds of both, one last image: the video in which it appears Nuria, accompanied by a man they don’t know, and in which only he returns later. It’s the only thing his family has since then. Also, anger and a certainty: “They have killed her, they have gotten rid of her and it is most likely that he is the culprit.”

The images capture how Nuria Escalante is accompanied by a man. They walk along the Sant Antoni promenade. They show that to her something falls to the ground and he picks it up. Then they start to run because it starts to rain. “They went to a kind of abandoned hotel and there is no more. My mother is gone. “Later, the images show only the man. He pushes a supermarket cart with a package covered by plastic. According to the Civil Guard,” the volume, shape and structure “of that package is compatible with that of the body of a person. “We have no doubt. My mother’s body was there, “David laments.

The analysis of those frames could not confirm that the man carried Nuria’s body, but it did serve to narrow the search for the suspect. They learned that it is an individual of Polish nationality -identified as SW- whom the Civil Guard pointed out -and points out- as the alleged perpetrator of Nuria’s death. He entered provisional prison – along with four other investigators – but was released for lack of evidence that directly linked him to the disappearance.

The man denied the facts, stated that the cart had a boat engine and that it had later been stolen. “There is no one who believes it”, responded – and responds today – David. After the images in which he walks with Escalante, he made ten more trips through the same area. Nuria was no longer in any of them.

A total of 134 frames complete the summary of the Nuria Escalante case. I know watched a hundred videos that the Civil Guard obtained from different security cameras. Thanks to them, the steps that Nuria took in the last 24 hours before disappearing can be traced. The most prominent are the first and the last.

  • At 10:28 am on October 30, Nuria goes to Caritas Parish of Sant Antoni. As recorded in the Civil Guard proceedings, he went there to make use of the “shower, laundry and breakfast” services. There it coincides with one of the five investigated. The video shows that “there is no type of verbal communication or rapprochement” between them. Only one sequence is observed in which he, as she passes by, “looks at her carefully and carefully”.
  • Although there are more security cameras that will record Nuria, the video of most police interest is the last one in which the woman is seen (captured a few lines above). They walk together and then only he is seen. The Civil Guard has images from 8:20 p.m. to 5:27 a.m. on October 31. The main suspect -SW- comes and goes from the Paseo de S’Arenal ten times. On the tenth route he appears with a supermarket cart.

“The problem is that, during the first month, they looked for my mother alive”

That his disappearance was never voluntary is the first thing they shouted. Today is the only line drawn by the Civil Guard. “The problem was that they were looking for her alive for a month,” David complains. “He looked late, he focused badly and they did not listen to us, “he adds..

The main suspect fell into contradictions and he deleted his WhatsApp history from October 30 to November 2, 2018. In addition, there were testimonies that slowed down everything. “A witness told the police that my mother was fine. he had seen having a coffee in a bar. They found that it was not true. They went, they looked at the cameras, they saw that he was not there and that he had not been in life and … is nothing wrong? “, He laments.” Then came the famous video. What the recordings tell us is that they put her in that kind of hotel and my mother doesn’t come out of there alive “.

Squatting house, wells and “bad company & rdquor;

Nuria had traveled to Ibiza to find a better life. Years before, the island had given him work in the hospitality sector, and also as a security guard at the airport. “This time, I hadn’t found it yet. Probably the need made her hang out with people who were not for her “, says his son. A group of five squatters. The five entered prison, but were getting out. They all affirm that they were with her that day, but that later Nuria left and they did not see her again.

His luggage was found in the ‘home’ (squat) of the main suspect. It was there even the liquid from his lenses. His mobile, no. Plots, lands were battled. They traced the riverbed and nearby wells and even bit the walls of the house of one of the detainees. Nuria was not there. No this.

After the judicial filing, in July of this year, a new clue triggered the search for the body of Nuria Escalante. They tracked down the septic tank and the cistern of another squatting house in Sant Antoni, adjacent to the house where one of the five suspects resided. Again it was unsuccessful.

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No test. There is no body. There is no evidence to indicate that he has died. Nor is it alive. There is nothing leading to his whereabouts. If you suspect: the agents maintain that the Alicante woman was the victim of a homicide at the hands of SW, the 37-year-old Pole who walks alongside her on the last recording. “We have no main hypothesis, but I will give it to you: the simplest thing is that this boy wanted to do something else with my mother; she didn’t want anything, a bad blow & mldr; and that’s it.”

Nuria, the Alicante woman who always looked ahead. A “strong, brave, outgoing” woman. Her family struggles to find her. They know the fight is titanic “very difficult”, but they follow in her wake: “if something was my mother, she is a fighter and we are going to do what she would do: do her justice. Fight”.

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