Nuevo León has an opportunity to replace tooling: Tooling Cluster

Monterrey, NL The state of New Lion has a great opportunity to replace tooling, because although the import amount of these components was reduced between 2018 and 2020, going from 3,409 million dollars to 2,610 million dollars, respectively, that is, a decrease of 23.43%, still should be strengthened SMEs with more technology, so that they can produce parts of greater complexity, precision and quality.

This was stated by Rolando Rodríguez Abrego, vice president of the Tooling Cluster of Nuevo León, during a webinar on the Metalworking and Manufacturing Industry.

What is most required in the Cluster are plastic injection molds (53%), foundry molds (10%), accessories (10%) and dies (2.5%), indicated Rodríguez Ábrego.

The vice president of the Cluster, commented to El Economista, “one of the main challenges is to move from imports to being able to export, and for this we seek to strengthen SMEs.”

He explained that together with the Tecnológico de Monterrey they have carried out research on how the tooling industry is mapped and have detected that the competencies of each segment are different, because some regions are focused on plastic injection molds and others on dies.

According to the Tecnológico de Monterrey study, 319 companies were identified that produce these components: In Nuevo León there are 91 specialized in molds and dies, in Jalisco 35, Querétaro 33, Estado de México 26, Baja California 25, the majority are SMEs.

“To strengthen the sector we must support SMEs to have new technology and more specialized equipment, which has greater precision and quality of the product, increase the complexity of the work that is produced, that represents a business opportunity, in addition to the companies of larger, they will have a shorter response time than imports, due to costs and shipping time, as well as logistical problems”, stressed the manager.


The total value of what has been manufactured in the country, from 2013 to 2020, increased in those years, from 6 billion to almost 9 billion pesos, due to the need for this type of manufacturing.

In said period there was an average growth of 39.3%, however in 2020 there was a decrease of -4.8%, one of the factors that affected the industry It was the coronavirus pandemic.

Another indicator that allows us to measure the importance of this sector is the growth in the number of employed people, which went from 3.6 million to 4.2 million people in the period from 2013 to 2020 throughout the country.

“This means that manufacturing has been developing more and more in the country and we must take advantage of the advantages that Mexico has, such as its workforce, this has supported the growth of the economy,” he stressed.

In the industry metalworking there are several basic metal industries: iron and steel, steel products, aluminum, alloys, metal products, forgings, stamping, metal structures, blacksmithing, boilers; manufacture of machinery and equipment, among others.

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