Netflix plunges Andalusia into a world of fantasy and terror with ‘Feria’

Agustin Martinez (‘The hunt. Monteperdido’ and part of the Carmen Mola trio winner of the Planet) and Carlos Montero (‘Elite’, ‘The disorder you leave’) know how to handle ‘thrillers’ well, as they have shown in their television fictions and their books. So they decided to join forces for their next project, ‘Bright: the darkest light’, the new Spanish series of Netflix which arrives on the platform this Friday, January 28th. But it was not enough for them to stay in suspense and they wanted to add ticks fantasy and horror, which explores a sinister environment in which sects and fantastic elements are mixed that contrast so much with the bright village of the Andalusian mountains in which the plot takes place, located in the mid-90s.

The weight of history is borne by two young sisters, Sofía and Eva (Carla Campra and Ana Tomeno), which goes from carefree teenagers who are going to party the night of San Juan until waking up the next day, turns into the daughters of the so-called. killers of 23 people in the abandoned mine in the town. After the event that turned their lives on its head, their parents (Marta Nieto and Ernest Villegas) is inexplicable and their neighbors are suspicious of them, which puts them in an extreme situation without first reaching the age of majority.

“They are characters who experience a lot of ‘heavy’ things that are not typical of teen series,” emphasizes Tomeno, who talks about how much these sisters, so different from each other, grow up over the years. eight episodes of ‘Fair’. “Eva is very outward-looking and wants to look good with everyone, while Sofía is the opposite, it seems she does not love anyone, but in the end they really show themselves,” adds Campra, a Barcelona actress who, despite his 22 years he has already had more than twenty film and television projects, such as ‘The Other Look’, ‘Veronica’, ‘Acacias, 38’, ‘Everybody Knows’ and ‘Temperance’, where he coincided with his partner, who in ‘La isla minima’ debuted.

The person in charge of investigating the complex case is a policeman far removed from the mystical and paranormal world in which the conspiracy becomes entangled. “This is what is interesting, to come to town through the eyes of this pragmatic policeman for whom the case is big and comes across this whole universe, all those lies, half-truths and secrets that have been kept for years and discover exactly what hiding behind it. ” it explains Isak Férriz, in charge of giving life to that agent of the law.

The transition from adolescence to adulthood

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The actor from ‘Gigantes’ and ‘Cites’ acknowledges that the series can have many metaphors, such as “the transition from adolescence to adulthood” that the young protagonists have “and suddenly appear evil, temptation, and they must learn to deal with it. along with the few tools you have at that age. Martha Kleinseun, who plays the missing mother of the girls, brings out that ‘Fair’ can also be seen even from a political perspective. “There is something of that fanaticism that resonates in current extremist politics,” says the actress, who defines her character, the trigger for the whole story, as a woman “mysterious and at the same time very human.”

Last edited by George Golden (‘The Ministry of Time’, ‘The Pier’) and Carles Torrens (‘El internado: Las Cumbres’), and sprinkled with some nude scenes due to the sect that appears in the plot, the cast also includes actors such as Patricia López Arnaiz, Ángela Cremonte, Carlos Scholz, Felipe Pirazán, Salva Reina, Jorge Motos, Carmen Navas, Lazar Dragojevic, Pablo Gómez-Pando en Pepa Gracia. Everyone contributes to the fact that this town of whitewashed houses demonstrates from the first chapter that it is not as idyllic as it seems.

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