NDP Asks Federal Government to Help Fund Quebec Dental Clinic Pilot Project

“Too many people are in emergency rooms because of dental problems that could be easily prevented.”

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New Democratic Party leader Jagmeet Singh wants the federal government to fund the dental clinic pilot projects that Quebec is launching for people with low incomes or living in distant regions.

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Singh wrote a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau asking Ottawa to offer the Quebec government “to become a partner so that this program can take on a bigger scale and help more people.

“We know that too many people are in emergency rooms right now due to dental problems that could easily be prevented if they could afford routine dental care, and this would end up costing more not only for the government but also for the families they are treating. to make ends meet. “

Last week, Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé announced a pilot project in five clinics to offer preventive and curative dental care, including two in Montreal. Quebec plans to spend $ 3 million on these projects, which could serve 22,000 people.

The NDP proposed a national dental care program for low-income families during the last two federal elections.

The party, Singh wrote in his letter, “thinks it is silly that your tongue and throat are covered by the public health system, but not your teeth.”

When asked about Singh’s letter, the new federal health minister, Jean-Yves Duclos, appeared unaware of the Quebec pilot project and did not commit to providing financial assistance.


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