National Guard closed 2020 with 96,358 elements

The National Guard (GN) closed 2020 with 96,358 items, of which 62.1% came from the Secretary of National Defense, 23.8% at Federal police and 14.1% to Marine Secretary, according to National Census of Federal Public Security (CNSPF) 2021, prepared by the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (Inegi).

Of the 96,358 elements of the National Guard, only 7,787 elements had a valid Unique Police Certificate, 84.0% (6,543) by the Federal police; 15.7% (1,218) by the Marine Secretary and 0.3% (26) by the Secretariat of National Defense.

Of the total elements, about 80,205 are men and 16,153 women. Regarding income, 46% of the male staff and 69.9% of the female staff received a gross monthly income between 25,001 and 30,000 pesos.

During 2020, 93 servers of the National Guard 94.6% were men and 5.4% women died. The main cause of death was due to natural causes (82.8%). Meanwhile, 60 people from the GN died from Covid-19.

The Inegi Census showed that clashes with armed civilians were the main cause of death during the working day with 83.3 percent. In 2020 there was a record of 56 clashes of the National Guard, in which 17 armed civilians were injured, 30 died and 22 were arrested.

At the end of 2020, the National Guard It had 12 academies or recruitment centers with 11,380 useful beds, 10,560 for recruits and 820 for instructors. 23,903 elements graduated from these academies during the year and 322 dropped out.

Throughout the past year, the National Guard Internal Affairs Unit received 108 complaints and 320 citizen complaints through the mechanisms for receiving complaints and reports.

The National Guard in that year it sanctioned 600 elements, the main sanction being the arrest with 65.0 percent. Meanwhile, 19 members were reported to the Public Ministry derived from the probable commission of an alleged crime.

Main achievements

In 2020, the National Guard insured 963 firearms: 671 (69.7%) were short and 292 (30.3%) were long. Regarding the insured hydrocarbons, the highest proportion was diesel with 5 million 214,719 liters. Regarding the insured narcotics, the main ones were cannabis and poppy poppy. Regarding the insured vehicles, 40 air vehicles and 15,701 land vehicles were reported. Likewise, 14 localized persons were reported, all of whom were minors. On the other hand, it was reported that the GN secured 44 clandestine intakes of hydrocarbons.

Likewise, the General Scientific Directorate of the National Guard carried out 5,920 cyber-patrols and 1,104 cyber-investigations.

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