National Day: a large stationary parade to celebrate Quebec

Boulevard Maisonneuve, in Montreal, has been the scene of a stationary parade since Thursday, on the occasion of the national holiday.

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It is between Sanguinet and Saint-Dominique streets that Quebecers can stroll through a “playful, poetic, festive and immersive” route that honors Quebec.

Literature, songs, poems, tales and legends, nursery rhymes and theater were used to present the beauty of the province.

Presented by Hydro-Québec, the parade is made up of nine immersive tableaux that pay homage to “this language with a thousand accents that makes us proud and defines our identity”.

“An appointment not to be missed that will touch, amuse and delight young and old!”, indicated the organizers of the activity by means of a press release.

Here are the nine paintings presented in this stationary parade

1. Languages ​​of Indigenous Nations

2. Language and National Day

3. My country is winter

4. Reading by the water

5. The Great Fire of June 24

6. The words and sounds of the farm

7. The Hydro-Quebec Stop

8. Tales and legends

9. Montreal Celebrates

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