Nadal’s Crossroads: Train with Mules to Wrap Up in the 21st Grand Slam

  • The Mallorcan tennis player received the preparation of the Australian Open pelota, in Manacor, with the keystrokes on the track, static, without being able to move the debt of his pie

  • “Planes, training, trazaban day to day depending on tenia no dollar, but Rafa jams day to think that podium salir adelante”, recognizes one of the members of his team

A day to ask Vicente Engongaone of the footballers who had the most personality and involvement demonstrated in the Real Mallorca, will be able to intrude that the life of an elite sportsman empezaba to apagarse. Y Engonga contested: “Do not withdraw the oath, do not hide the failure of speed or physical resistance; retire el hecho de que, de pronto, te das cuente que tu cerebro net actua con la rapidez que actuaba antes & rdquor ;.

From here Rafa Nadal not decaiga ni in his peores moments of flaccidity, so much inside as the fur of the piste. The stability of his brain, his experience in the high competition, the knowledge of his body, the convicts, thanks to his privileged mind (deportiva) in, case, case, invincible, can have the spirit of superiority and his ability to deliver one adversity le convierten en un ganador superior.

Win in team

It is possible, however, that many did not create Nadal when he was tripping his triumphs over a team. When he says that he has to go through his personal effort, about everything, in the collaboration of his team, led by Carlos Moyá. This team, inseparable in all sense, has, again, the authentic protagonist of a gesture that does not hide the prop Nadal podium imagine: win a Grand Slam, the nº 21, arranging in the strongest conditions of the last decades, es decir, friends of five months are competing, of an incurable chronic lesion and of a Covid-19 that the mantuvo inactive during dias, pocas hours antes coger the vuelo rumbo to Melbourne to protagonize another big gesture.

If you talk to the protagonists of this gesture you should say that everything is Nadal’s, but he’s not cute. The professionals of this process believe that no inventory has been made, even though in the Balinese tennis court it is original, proprietary, personal and very mallorquin. Tecnicamente, te cuentan, lo han han hecho se denomina ‘return to play’, it is said, the deportation readout to ensure that a deported deportation worker recovers, returns to the competition and wants to play. Eso, in a tennis for 35 years, with a serious injury and five months inactive, there was no ease to log. How are you? With what they also define as “cooperative training & rdquor ;.

Nadal, his team, knows well, through ed, experience and learning, that the information needed to program the training is supported

In Nadal’s group, nothing happened because Nadal said, not because he decided Moyá. Everything in the life, training, competition and game of Nadal is consensual. “The consensus in all that we have & rdquor ;, has one of the implications,” we agree, come on, from Rafa’s proposal, from what we call ‘informed knowledge’, based on the great knowledge that Rafa has in his body, in his state physico. Nadal has, through experience, edad and because he has been educated, a great deal of self-sufficiency. In this way, it is only the sole authority that we receive the information we need, to us, the professionals, the experts, the technicians, to program the training & rdquor ;.

I’ve empezó todo

All this process, in the truck haha ​​the absolute glory in Melbourne, arrangement, como no, of desperate situations, duras, sad, dolorosas. To be eliminated in Roland Garros by Novak Djokovic, not to join Wimbledon, a failed intent in Washington and Cincinnati and, yes, the attempt to eradicate his scapegoat is an incurable lesion.

Ahí arranca el Nadal que, con más fuerza mental que fysica, supera en quatos de final calor de golor que le pudo hacer caer ante el rebelde Denis Shapovalov, soporta elinto de remontada de Matteo Berrettini en semifinales y acaba remontando ante el duro (and favorite) Daniil Medvédev in the final.

Everything with a Nadal trucking, very slow, helped the mulettes through a mysterious intervention in Madrid. Ese Nadal, who initiated car training in Australia with the mules along the bottom line of his talisman track in the Academy, who passed a mountain of days, no, no, no, many, many, the ball in static, without displacement, without movement, with the small pieces on the piste, but holding the pelota in its mouth, it was available only to support the pain, which was great, we had to eat a diet regimen “casi de monje & rdquor; , with the adequate discipline and tremendous discipline to be able to feel alive and well, with regard to various variations of the people of the Academy of Manacor that he saw working, and very hard, these are the last months.

Fe ciega en Rafa

“The planes are traversed day and day, then we will see the incubator that generated its pie, the recovery of that lesion. Jamas hubo una queja suya, ¡jamás !, pero sabíamos que él sufría, un día con más dolor que otro, con cierta immoviladad, tristeza, pero siempre con confianza. It’s just a day of creation. Es Rafa Nadal y todos estamos acostumbrados a que, de pronto, lo veríamos sano y resurgir & rdquor ;, explain a member of his team. It’s a team ‘that is “the socio-affective part that maintains life and competitiveness in Rafa & rdquor ;.

In this sense, all the consultants convened Moyá in the key person in this resurrection process. “I have no doubt that for Rafa to say to his son Toni and ponerse in Carlos’ words he made a very important decision, but it was completely accepted. Moyá is very intelligent, knows a lot about Rafa, analyzes the parties and rivals with enormous sense and prepares the training with ability. But, about everything, in that it is ingenious to be able to go to the fair, to control the pure song that is Rafa. Moyá is a party to that ‘less is more’ and always take the decisions with enormous determination. And all good for Rafa, all & rdquor ;, a person who does not belong to Nadal’s team, because he worked with him.

In the last months, related to the glimmer of glory that followed the Conquista of the 21st Grand Slam who converted to Rafa Nadal was a mythical sportsman, he had good, regular, bad and horrible days. “He has a market with dollars, a market that has a lot of free time, a Jew from Rafa does not want to work and he always has the team that he has everything possible and enjoyable. Because Rafa, in effect, works with people who care, with people of their own trust, with people friends, with professionals who love adorable, about everything, with a team that has the obligation to always work, every day & rdquor ;.

Y llegó el Covid-19

In the margin of the lesion, the mulets, the pain, the incidence of the pie, the peor in this large y, in the final, exit process fue the Covid-19 of which is contagious in Abu Dhabi. It is produced in the key slides, in the most important pico of the preparation when it is made from the ruminant malts in Australia. There were several days of parones “total & rdquor ;, four days with high fever in the bed and three days tirado on the sofa. “Yeah Al that sounds pretty crap to me, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either, Looks like BT aint for me either. Tremendo & rdquor ;.

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I have no doubt that this ‘return to play’ has been accompanied by the mano of an inspiring and always discreet Moya, of a meticulous and pulsating way of evolving the game of Nadal intending to adjust the duration of the games, mostly in its case , that the salvo in the fifth set ante Shapovalov, being more aggressive when able, finally, to taste my possible.

“As far as Sacred Martyrs are concerned with pain, those holidays with freedom, those Jews from Rafa have lost money, they are vital, important, decisive to culminate in a triumph more than all for Melbourne & rdquor ;, insisting on a team member of Nadal. “Because sacchar, like sea, the training of this day adalante, although duel, is what it takes mental fortune for, lie, affront the points and vital games in which the demonstrators to your rival who will be within range . Cosa que, en Rafa, es marca de la casa & rdquor ;.

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