MUST-WATCH: Toronto makes its animated debut

Pixar has released their latest film, and it’s set in Toronto! But will the Skydome and CN Tower top the MUST-WATCH Top 10? Or could it go to the latest projects from Colin Farrell, Ryan Reynolds, or Evan Rachel Wood? You’ll have to keep reading to find out!

phoenix rising

Where to watch: Crave

We’re starting this week off with an intense documentary.

phoenix rising is an HBO two-part documentary created by Evan Rachel Wood (from Westworld, Thirteen, and Across the Universe). She’s an acclaimed actress, but this documentary focuses on some of the darkest parts of her life. Specifically, her relationship with her and alleged frequent sexual assaults from Brian Warner, more commonly known as Marilyn Manson. This shows her long road to recovery, her meeting with other survivors of his alleged assaults, as well as her work with her on the Phoenix Act. That’s a law which extended the statute of limitations in domestic violence cases.

You can watch this on Crave starting on March 15th.

The Adam Project

Where to watch: Netflix

Next up, it’s time for some time travel!

The Adam Project is a new blockbuster starring Ryan Reynolds (from Deadpool and Free Guy). This film, which was directed by Shawn Levy (the director of Free Guy), is about a pilot from the year 2050 who has to travel back in time to stop a dystopian future. He ends up teaming up with the younger version of himself, played by Walker Scobell. They realize that their father (Mark Ruffalo, from Dark Waters and the Avengers) was the person who invented time travel, and they realize they have to go back even further to stop his algorithm from getting out.

You can watch this film on Netflix now!


Where to watch: Cinemas

Next up, it’s time for a meditative look into the future!

The main characters of After Yang.

After-Yang is a sci-fi film from acclaimed indie director kogonada (who previously directed Columbus). This film stars Colin Farrell (from the Batman and Phone Booth) and Jodie Turner-Smith (from Queen & Slim and Without Remorse) as parents of a young adopted daughter who purchased a ‘technosapiens’ to be her older brother. He’s called Yang (played by Justin H. Min from the Umbrella Academy), and after several years he appears to stop working. Farrell’s character goes on a mission to heal their surrogate son before it’s too late.

You can read a review of this film hereand watch this film in cinemas now!


Turning Red

Where to watch: Disney+

Now, it’s time for some family-friendly joy!

Turning Red is the latest film from Pixar, and it’s their first film set in Canada! It’s also the first Pixar feature film directed by a woman, Domee Shi (who previously directed the heartwrenching Pixar short Bao). This film is about a young Chinese-Canadian girl called Mei (played by Rosalie Chiang) living in Toronto who discovers that when she loses control of her emotions, she turns into a large red panda. She learns that this is part of a family curse, and her mother de ella (played by sandra oh from Killing Eve and Double Happiness) shares this unfortunate ability. She’ll have to learn how to control this ability, and her her emotions, on the beautifully animated streets of Toronto!

You can watch this film on Disney+ now!


Upload (Season 2)

Where to watch: Amazon Prime Video

Next up, a trip to the afterlife!

Nathan and Ingrid in the newest season of Upload.

upload is a comedy about a man called Nathan (played by Robbie Amell from the Babysitter) who died at the age of 27. However, he was uploaded to a digital afterlife called Upload. While here, he tries to solve his murder of him with the help of a living customer service representative called Nora (played by Andy Allo from Pitch Perfect 3). In this new season, Nathan is now living with his girlfriend Ingrid (played by Allegra Edwards from Briarpatch) in the afterlife, while Nora is trying to figure out a way to make Upload more equitable for everyone.

You can watch the entirety of this show on Amazon Prime Video now!



10. Studio 666 – Cinemas

9. Super Pumped: The Battle For Uber – Crave

8. The Adam Project – Netflix

7. Upload (Season 2) – Amazon Prime Video

6. The Boys Presents: Diabolical – Amazon Prime Video

5. phoenix rising – Crave

Four. After-Yang – Cinemas

3. batman – Cinemas

two. Scarborough – Cinemas

1. Turning Red – Disney+

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