Murder of Daphné Huard-Boudreault: the policewoman defends herself

Five years after the murder of young Daphné Huard-Boudreault, in Mont St-Hilaire, the last police officer to have seen the young woman alive defended Thursday her intervention before her ethics committee when she faces a complaint in connection with his intervention on the day of the tragedy.

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Agent Brigitte Légaré, who is represented by Me Denis Gallant, defended herself for not having wanted to help the young woman on the day of the murder.

Around noon on March 22, 2017, at the police station, Daphné Huard-Boudreault showed up to meet with a police officer because, that same morning, her ex-spouse with whom she had just broken up had stolen her phone. cell phone at the convenience store where the young woman worked.

During the meeting with Daphné, police officer Légaré said she explained to her “that her ex-boyfriend is criminally harassing and that the theft of her cell phone that occurred in the morning at the convenience store where she worked is a criminal offence”. “I explain to her that she can file a complaint. But Daphne tells me she just wants him to leave her alone, she doesn’t want to hurt him, she wants her cell phone back, she just wants it to be over and move on.”

Brigitte Légaré of the Richelieu-Saint-Laurent Intermunicipal Police Board adds that “during our meeting, Daphne told me many times that Anthony would not be at the apartment, that he was in Quebec City according to his entourage and that she could go and collect her belongings without the police. But I insist on saying that we will accompany him.

According to the version offered by the policewoman, Daphne did not wait for the police in front of her apartment. She entered her residence and unfortunately, we know the rest. She was murdered.

Arriving on the scene, officer Brigitte Légaré had some difficulty identifying the place of residence of the young woman.

Finally, when she shows up in front of the apartment, a man walks towards her “and a male voice says to me: stop me. He has blood on him. I pull out my gun, point it and tell him he’s under arrest.”

The policewoman had to take a break in the morning during the delivery of her testimony, overtaken by emotions.

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