Mother’s Day | The most beautiful in the world

Impossible to imagine life without them. It’s moms’ turn to talk about love, with these suggestions for pampering them, from head to toe.

A big breath of air

Perfumer Isabelle Michaud creates exceptional compositions off the beaten track with her artisanal factory Monsillage. His Les Routes Monsillage collection is inspired by significant moments in his life. After paying tribute to Bas-du-Fleuve, the cradle of his childhood, with The Quay Roadhere is The Haute Route, inspired by a 175 km ski crossing between Chamonix and Zermatt, in the French Alps. A road crossed by introspection and the dizziness of touching something bigger than yourself, where notes of wintergreen, cypress, fir bark, fresh air, mimosa, Atlas cedar swirl.

Scent The Haute RouteMonsillage, $140 (50 ml) or $45 (8 ml), limited quantities

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Ensemble Boréal, Strøm Nordic spa

At the spa, at home

With this trio including a shampoo, a conditioner and a shower gel, Strøm Nordic spa invites itself into your home to offer the woman in your life a well-deserved moment of relaxation, lulled by the scents of eucalyptus and black spruce. and pine. Do you pull out all the stops and want to offer access to the baths or a massage? With purchases of $200 or more, you will receive a free Boréal set (valid until May 12).

Boreal Set, Strøm Nordic spa, $80

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Grapefruit flower & lavender hand cream, Maison Lavande

Invigorating grapefruit

The new collection from the Quebec company Maison Lavande, Flowery Grapefruit & Lavender, offers a dive into the sparkling scents of citrus fruits, coated in the sweetness of lavender. The hand cream will allow mom to keep her soft hands that give the best hugs!

Grapefruit flower & lavender hand cream, Maison Lavande, $16.85 (100 ml), free from May 2

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Solarglow mineral sunscreen serum, Nuda

Solar mom

Mom likes to play outside and enjoy the sun? Help her protect her skin while enhancing it with the new mineral sun serum from Nuda, a Canadian brand specializing in self-tanners which is launching into sun care here. Hyperfluid and iridescent, it protects the skin without irritating it thanks to broad-spectrum SPF 30 and a formula enriched with vitamin E and scalene, for maximum hydration.

Solarglow Mineral Sunscreen Serum, Nuda, $47

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Yogic Spa Circuit at Idolem

Hot, cold, rest

The Idolem hot yoga studios have just added something new to their offering: the cold water immersion experience, whose benefits for physical and mental health are increasingly recognized. The dive is done in complete safety, with support, and is preceded by a hot yoga class. Misson: total letting go!

Mother’s Day hot yoga and diving package, $19.99, offered online or directly in Idolem branches

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Color Haze, Ilia

Multitasking Makeup

This is a product that will appeal to busy women who, like her, know how to do several things at the same time! This product from the great company Ilia, which offers a range of minimalist, but frankly well-designed, products, is both a blush and a delicate lipstick, with gentle and moisturizing ingredients like jojoba and coconut oil. coconut. Its creamy and light texture sits subtly on the skin, to enhance mom’s natural beauty.

Color Haze, Ilia, $46

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