More from two million Catalans he was positive by covid from the beginning of the pandemic. El Department of Health communicated this March the figure of 2,036,074 contagious persons, a figure that has supported the vertical manner the last weeks due to the presence of the omicron variant, much more contagious, which is mainly affecting children and young people. De hecho, se ha vuelto a batir un seminal record, with 249,010.

The curve is growing rapidly, although the ucis and the ingresses are stable or subdivided in a manner less than in previous semesters: hoy hay a total of 2,838 people ingressed by covid in the catalan hospitals (22 more than ayer), of the que 513 estan en ucis (siete más que el domingo, ya que este martes se han sumada digits de dos días). Esta ligera mejora en the sanitary situation has much to do with the relationship of the restrictions to part of the fires, when eliminated aforos.

Rebrote Disease (EPG), indicating that the potential for the epidemic is increasing, sigue sin tocar techo, and wanted to break the record for all epidemics. It was located at 6,663 points, while the speed of propagation of the disease (Rt) practically ranges from 1.14 to 1.15.

Saturated ambulances

The increase in contagios, the majority with sints leves, was translated into an outpatient visit to outpatient clinics, which followed collapsed. More than 86,000 people went to an outpatient clinic. The record of visits was recorded on the 17th day, with more than 102,000 visits.

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Since the fallout, since the pandemic was officially killed in Catalonia by a total of 25,419 people, 100 communiqués in the last 24 hours, means that in the last week he killed 267 people during the illness.

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The incidence of positive accumulation in 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is 3,192, while the incidence in 14 days (IA14) is 5,902 indicative numbers of children he was greatly overwhelmed by all the records of the epidemic.

The positivity -of the percentage of positive results in PCR tests and antigen test- was located at 20.8, at least superior to ayer (20.5%) and very low of 5% that establish the World Health Organization (OMS ) to consider an epidemic of bao control.

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