Montreal hotel is housing Ukrainian refugees arriving in the city

At Hotel Terrasse Royal in Montreal’s Côte-des-Neiges neighbourhood, many of the guests aren’t on vacation, but are Ukrainians who’ve just landed in the city.

Ukrainian Canadian Igor Ezril is shuttling donations in between running a business.

“We want to help the people who are coming,” he said. “We’ve lived here for 20 years, [and] we have the possibility to help them.”

Igor and his daughter Sandra opened their doors to those fleeing the conflict in Ukraine last month. They offer food and a place to sleep.

Hotel manager Sandra Ezril is helping find spots for Ukrainian refugees arriving in Montreal. (Touria Izri/CTV News)

Fifteen families have stayed at the hotel so far, and the back of the hotel has been transformed into a play area for children who have had to grow up fast.

“It’s very dangerous in Ukraine,” said Ada Yuvtushinko, 19, who is staying at the hotel with her mother and three siblings. “Everything becomes worse. We came here for a better safer life.”

Pastor Petr Dvoinikh came to the hotel for safety after escaping Mariupol.

“When I remember about Mariupol, it’s very hard, it’s very painful,” he said, adding that nothing can erase the pain, but the temporary sanctuary helps.

The hotel owner also has several CDN apartment buildings where Ukrainian newcomers can stay long-term rent free.

Once that happens, more rooms will open for the next round of arrivals.

“I think they’re going to be coming and coming, it’s not going to stop tomorrow,” said manager Sandra Ezril. “We’d like this place to not only be a donation center but a place where they can find more information.”

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