Monegal’s critique: Stealing the interviewee live

Stunned they were Cristina Pardo e Iñaki López the other day (Better late, La Sexta) when they saw a technician from another station appear on the screen who was interfering in their interview, live, with the young woman Beatriz. The mother of this young woman had just passed away. She, the daughter, was relating the case to the program Better late, in duplex connection. He considers that his mother has died due to the negligence of the SUMMA emergency service of the Community of Madrid.

Iñaki and Cristina, and we from home, immediately noticed that Beatriz was being bothered by a technician the other television empire of the competition, Mediaset (apparently from the program Four a day) who was changing the earpieces, as can be seen in the attached video. “There is another person from another program who is taking the mike away from you!” Iñaki exclaimed then, angry and surprised. And indeed the Mediaset technician was hindering the interview by removing and putting cables and earpieces from Beatriz.

Oh! This one attempted robbery or pillage, on the fly, from a current interview, is nothing new. Usually these sloppy maneuvers we have seen in the magazines in the mornings. I remember that in October 2012 the fight between the programs was very commented, and very regrettable. Public mirror (A-3) and Anne Rose (T-5) directly contesting the spokesperson for the family of the child Gabriel Vidrascu, found dead in Vicálvaro. Are wars for exclusives, pulling and shaking the interviewee, an empire on the one hand, the other empire on the other, and all live, shows that in the battle for audience there is neither respect, nor ethics, nor aesthetics, nor scruples.

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At Saturday Deluxe hired Pepe Navarro to dig over the paternityd of child from Ivonne Reyes. The treatment was petty partisan: in favor of Navarro and against Ivonne, designated as the bad guy in the film. But suddenly a collaborator, to outline Navarro’s personality, recalled that he was convicted in 2002 for giving Vanesa Martín a brutal beating. The presenter of the program immediately silenced the collaborator, even threatening her. Ah! In T-5 the gender violence It depends on the degree of business and cronyism.

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