Monegal’s criticism: TVE meditates preventing ‘Cuéntame…’ from talking about Aznar

It is ensured that the teleseries ‘Cuéntame how it happened’ (TVE-1) is giving the last blows. After 22 seasons –it began to be broadcast in 2001– it seems that it is going to end, coinciding with the final stretch of the presidency of Philip Gonzalez. It’s true that the audience for ‘Cuéntame…’ has been going down.

Last Thursday, the 21st, it registered an 8.2% audience share. But even though it is a modest index, it is practically in line with the monthly average of TVE-1 (8.3%), so that reading carefully this news about the end of the series –not yet officially confirmed– what can be deduced from it is that what the current TVE wants is to avoid entering the years of the presidency of Jose Maria Aznar.

The portrait that they have painted of us –they are making of us now– is that of the Spain of the Government of Gonzalez. The writers have drawn Tony Alcantara, the eldest son of Merche and Antonio, landing in Moncloa invested with the position of head of communication of the Government. In other words, so that we have a vision of ‘felipismo’ from within, from within the final stretch of his mandate, the harshest, the most acidic. About the first years of socialist victory, the series decided to tell us something else: it was entertaining us with the horns that Merche and Antonio alternately put on. Their separation, their infidelities…

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That is to say that, in those years, ‘Cuéntame…’ evaded the political-social portrait and was the simple soap opera of the Alcántaras. Now they have returned to politics, installed in the last years of Philip Gonzalez. We see Toni Alcántara in his role as a monclovita plumber, obedient make-up artist of reality so that it reaches the public softened. For example, the strange death of the young ETA Look Gurutze while she was detained in the Tres Cantos barracks. Or the scandalous case of the general director of the Civil Guard Louis Roldan. They take out a Narcis Serra furious and angry (played by actor Miguel Uribe) rebuking Toni, urging him to obey and build a story that leaves the Government clean, radiant and safe from any negligence or irregularity.

oh! And now that the years of Aznar, with the invaluable assistance of his ‘spin doctor’ Miguel Angel Rodriguez, SEA, creature of such actuality on the other hand, it turns out that TVE is meditating to close the series and consider it finished. It’s also a bad leg, right?

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