Monegal’s criticism: Piqué’s future: he does not rule out presiding over Barça

The postponed interview of Gerard Piqué in ‘El hormiguero’ (A-3) it materialized yesterday. Ah! It was a very nice and relaxed meeting. Naturally, ‘El hormiguero’ is always going to be sold, promoted, some little thing. AND Pique He had a free bar to publicize his business activities, from his new Davis Cup, to the purchase of television rights to the America’s Cup or the French League, in addition to other imaginative initiatives in the field of ‘gamers’, which with the’ twitcher ‘ Ibai Llanos boosts.

But, in my opinion, the most spicy and luminous part of the evening was when Pablo Motos asked: «Do you see yourself as the president of Barça?». AND Pique answered: «There are days that yes, and there are days that not. If I make the decision, I will do it from the great love I feel for Barça ». Ah! This is a subject for the future – perhaps not so distant – very exciting. Expanded Pique on what it means to be president of a football club of the category of a Real Madrid or a Barça. He said at the outset that you have to make football “a sexy product” to attract the new generations, so entertaining and sometimes scattered with multiscreen entertainment.

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As a player, he made a very picturesque analysis of the criticism that must be borne on the field: When things go wrong, people tend to whistle. Whistling during a game doesn’t help. Sink more. If you want to protest, let it be done at the end, when the game is over ». Interesting: while playing, whistling is prohibited. The puffs at the end, when we are already showering. But, above all, speaking of that possibility of presiding over Barça, he considered that the hardest thing: “It is having to present a guarantee for 15% of the club’s budget. In the case of Barça they are 150 million. That is risking your fortune. Ah! The issue of guarantees is very topical. TO Florentino Pérez He is subjugated to increase them further. It is natural, it has a lot of money and it is a way to eliminate possible mosquitoes that try to bite your cargo. In case of Laporta it seems different. Immersed in his current economic way of the cross, he aspires to lower the guarantee.

In any case, the possibility of Pique As a future candidate for president of Barça, he alters the media scene. If we add to the futuristic drawing Pep Guardiola, always so devoutly visible on TV-3, despite being in Manchester, a passionate duel can be outlined.

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