Monegal’s criticism: Jill Biden’s ‘espardenya’ and the minister without a voice

It has surprised us at home that TV-3 has not highlighted in its news the purchase made yesterday afternoon by Mrs. Jill Biden through the streets of Madrid, Salamanca district. It has been a very beautiful moment, of great Catalan character. We have had to resort to ‘The Ana Rosa Program’ to inform us.

A reporter has investigated the purchase of the American first lady, and has shown it to us: some ‘espardenyes’ from the reputable Castañer industry, from Banyoles, from the 2022 Tierra, Mar y Aire collection. oh! Such a ‘nostrada’ purchase, the ‘TN’ of TV-3 should not have overlooked it. These images put Catalonia at the world epicenter by way of the shoe. And the most wonderful thing: the reporter, after speaking with Victorthe store manager, has certified that Mrs. Biden He has paid for the espadrilles. It is a historically comforting fact. Legend has it that another first lady, named Carmen Polo de Francohe walked through the jewelry stores in that same neighborhood of Salamanca, he took a piece that he liked, and they say he did not pay.

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THE MINISTER WITHOUT VOICE .– Another current image that is exciting political teleanalysts is the one that has starred the ministers Rodriguez Y Huntsman. The journalists asked Mrs. Huntsman about the issue of Morocco, and the minister answered Rodriguez While the Huntsman she remained silent. Given the sequence, the picture was quite surreal, really. They say they had it rehearsed, but they have lacked art. They should have used a good ventriloquist, type ‘the dummies of Mari Carmen‘. If the minister Huntsman Had she been well trained in ventriloquism, she could have responded to each question they asked her by moving her lips, as if she were speaking, but in reality the voice would be given by her partner, the minister Rodriguez. They would have achieved the same, it is true, but at least they would have starred in an evening of notable theatrical value.

He said albert om on Monday in ‘Els matins’ (TV-3) that if finally Dembele leaves will be the first player who, after living here for five years, will leave without us ever hearing him speak. And he warned: “I, from Barça, would keep him, hoping to hear his voice sometime.” The ‘Dèmbelé case’ is an example of classic ventriloquism: speak for him Moussa Sissoko, his awesome manager.

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