The MLB México ends a season in which they decided to focus more on their brand health and in which the investment allowed them to work on the new discoveries and objectives that they set, after the results of the latest marketing research diagnosis of 2020. Gina Jesús Cervantes, director marketing report from the league office in Mexico, mentions some points of the findings: 20% of current Major League Baseball fans are by far two years old, the balance between male and female fans is more balanced, in brand health grew up to 200% and also that 70% of the people in our country recognized and accepted that they liked a marketing campaign carried out by the MLB México.

A detail for fans is that the cost of living the brand activation experience has been ‘zero’, while for the league office it represented a planning in the middle of a 20% less marketing budget compared to last year.

“We allocate the money to different things like MLB Home, more face-to-face activations, high-end type, and in brand health, which we define as the amount of time and money that fans invest in our brand. With the rating we are seeing that they invest a lot of time, with the New Era brand we are the ones that sell the most caps in Mexico and with that we realize how much people spend on merchandising, for example ”.

On the last weekend of the World Series between the Houston Astros and Atlanta Braves, MLB Mexico, through its social networks, invited its fans to the last activation of the year at Parque La Mexicana in Mexico City, where they screened Game 5 and did a drone show. This is part of the artistic, cultural, gastronomic and technological experiences that they developed this season, all in the capital of the country. The three murals designed by visual artists; the taste of the MLB Chef dishes and the projection of the MLB Mexico brand on top of the Latin American Tower.

“We were there for a few hours, three days, at night and the brand impact was 20 million. For 2022 we have a couple of additional events, something incredible is coming, we continue to listen to our audiences, MLB Chef, a second edition of MLB Home. Under the same strategy and with lifestyle content ”, the Marketing Director of MLB Mexico explains to El Economista.

Route to brand positioning

The times of the pandemic do not dwell alone in the memory of the office’s most difficult economic moments: “Like every start-up launch was in 2016 and like any industry in 2020”, as Rodrigo Fernández, director of the MLB in Mexico.

Currently, the trade balance of the MLB Mexicoor it is divided in order of importance as follows: transmission rights represent 55%, sponsors 25% and digital assets and subscriptions 20%. One piece of information to illustrate the audiovisual aspect is that the MLB.TV platform consumes about 2.2 million minutes per month in Mexico. Regarding social networks, the accounts generate ad-hoc content on the traditional Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and a strategy with TikTok is already being analyzed globally.

To talk about the positioning that the MLB México wants to achieve by 2022, it has to collect the following aspects, according to Rodrigo Fernández: “It is related to brand recognition, serving our fans, that all games are maintained with an appropriate rating, we want affection for baseball and increase the level of conversation in Major League Baseball. “

From the geostrategic perspective and in the voice of the director of the MLB México, our country, being placed within Latin America, is the second most important region for MLB behind Asia, where Japan is strong in this sport.

What balance does the MLB Global of Mexico make?

“It is almost six years since we opened the office and it has been a significant growth of fans. Our plans are more aggressive for the next five and 10 years. The balance is positive, meeting all the objectives with flying colors, initially the office was opened to serve and attack the Mexican market and in 2018 the focus on Latin America was expanded; the good results have supported us ”.


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