Mitsou | The new rodeo of a legend

Since her last album released in 1999, Mitsou, the singer, has rarely been remembered as often as in recent months. An attempt to clarify a joyful resurgence with the one who, without promising a real return to music, assures that she is not ready to say goodbye.

“Music is my core, it’s my first passion,” says Mitsou, seated in a café where she is accustomed, a few steps from the offices of Dazmo, the company she co-founded in 1997, so that her singing career was running out of steam.

For several years, without ever completely ceasing to be the daughter of Bye bye my cowboy in the Quebec imagination, the businesswoman will have devoted herself to this business of composing music on screen, as well as to television and radio animation, to gaming (Barbarian invasions someone!) and to his webmagazine.

But the original Mitsou – Mitsou, the singer – had rarely been so recalled to our memory as in recent months. Participation in Pierre Lapointe’s winter tour, collaboration with Laurence Nerbonne on his potential hit CowgirlCoca-Cola holiday commercial to the sound of Bye bye my cowboyinterpretation of his success Tell me, tell me (1990) by Lennikim on the show Zenith from ICI Télé and by drag queen Tracy Trash on the show Drags – The queens of pop from Télé-Québec; Mitsou could have begged us, no one wanted to forget her.


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