Miguel Ángel Mancera denies the existence of corruption in his government after the arrest of his former chief of staff, Julio Serna

Miguel Ángel Mancera Espinosa, former head of government of Mexico City, denied that his administration has been a nest of corruption, this after the arrest of his then chief of staff, Julio Serna, accused of illicit enrichment.

“No. That sounds like a political advertisement, if you want to use it like that, because everyone is free to use it, but what the passage of time has shown is that those who were singled out for many things have proven their innocence, “said Mancera.

The coordinator of the PRD parliamentary group in the Senate said he was sure that the investigations of his former collaborators have political overtones because the elections are approaching.

Asked whether he considers that Serna’s arrest is a message for him, he replied:

“I have no doubt that there must be a political interpretation. I have no doubt that it can be given a political interpretation and, obviously, the times mark it because times of conflict are coming, but we are used to this ”.

“This is not new, it is not something that takes us by surprise. It is one of the things or the tools that will continue to be used, unfortunately. So, I see it, but I’m here, I’m going to stay here. We continue with the work, we continue with the task and as we have said in the other matters, what needs to be clarified, we are going to clarify ”.

Mancera Espinosa said he believed in the presumption of innocence; “What I have clear is that Julio was in the city these four years, since they began to say that they were going to persecute him, because this reference is not new … I trust the Judiciary, that it can resolve, both locally and in the federal one, objectively and, of course, that it has the defense guarantee ”.

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