Mexico chose the production of semiconductors as a priority sector to develop as part of their joint work in the High Level Economic Dialogue between Mexico and the United States (DEAN).

Luz María de la Mora, Undersecretary of Foreign Trade of Mexico, said that now both countries will begin to make synergies to advance that objective, at the same time that Mexico will work on the analysis of the second sector that it will propose in the same dynamic.

All of this is part of strengthening supply chains and coordinating their management in crisis situations within the DEAN.

“Mexico is ready to participate, in a way it could be advanced packaging and what would be the tests for the semiconductor sector, and finally the workforce,” De la Mora said at a press conference.

In general, Mexico and the United States seek opportunities to complement the needs of the supply chains of both countries by establishing a Working Group with the intention of identifying specific sectors to promote competitiveness, attract investment and reduce vulnerabilities in critical sectors.

The specific goals of the Working Group include: identifying two areas of cooperation and determining the necessary skills and training according to the selected sectors that are ready for collaboration; set out steps towards creating a joint list of critical sectors involved in cross-border supply chains to be prepared in the event of a future economic crisis.

Mexico and the United States will meet monthly to advance the objectives of the Working Group.

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