Mexico furniture industry listens to find international traders

La national furniture industry finds itself on the list of suppliers that will be listed on the major retailers such as Ikea in Mexico and other multinational tenders in the United States and Canada, as well as hotel cadets, which will record the production of external demand, affirmative Teresa Calderón, President la Jalisco Furniture Manufacturers Association (Afamjal).

Aseguró que Ikeaundertakes that commenced operations in Mexico in the principles of 2021 with original products of Chinamainly, does not represent a competency without a right, because now he has applied unsupervised with mexican furniture and now, the industries need to adapt to the needs of the market- and what the demand is for their durable products, different qualities and designs-.

Al announce the Expo Mueble Internacional de Guadalajararealized from 16 to 19 February, Roberto Quiñones, the director of the Feria, said that the opportunity for the furniture industry is “enormous”, then with the commercial war between the United States and China, now Mexico is stopping imports from the east.

“The return is not for sale, we will produce what the solicitors ask for,” from the coast of the United States and the United States, he said.

La furniture industry in mexico prevé crecer al double during 2022, although there are those who do not understand the levels of Chinese procurement, the capacity to produce and export is very high, assures Teresa Calderón.

In the fall of 2021, the furniture sector brought in a total of 2,422 million pounds, 9.54% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The industry occupies the national league to contribute 8.9% of the total economic units to concentrate 2,243 business of this giro, of the 95 the micro and small companies “, informed Roberto Arechederra, Secretary of Economic Development of the Government of Jalisco.


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