Mexican diplomacy through the RECs

In memory of Mr. Óscar Cantú Fernández, the only

In 1989, the first Meeting of Mexican Ambassadors and Consuls (REC) was held.

On Thursday, December 21, 1989, at 8:50 am, the meeting was opened by the then Secretary of Foreign Relations, Fernando Solana.

Among the topics that were addressed that day by diplomats, economists and politicians, the presentations stand out: “New climate of international organizations: challenges for Mexico”, given by Ambassador Olga Pellicer; “Principles and objectives of Mexican foreign policy”, by Rosalba Ojeda and; “Foreign policy as a national consensus”, by Deputy Gonzalo Martínez Corbalá.

The comments on the three aforementioned presentations were made by Ambassador Antonio Villegas Villalobos.

Jesús Reyes Heroles also commented on economic profile presentations given by Miguel Mancera Aguayo and Francisco Gil, moderated by Ambassador Gustavo Petricioli.

It is a refreshing exercise to travel back in time to remember the origin of the REC. The current director general of the Historical Collection of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Laura Moreno, recalled a few days ago that the program of the first REC was shared with the participants of the annual meeting that is taking place this week, as a way of emotional memory due to the accumulation of important meetings between our diplomats.

Laura Moreno also recalled that some of the issues that were addressed during the first REC are still valid. You are right, when reading the 1989 program we find the presentation: “Drug trafficking and weapons”, given by Enrique Álvarez del Castillo.

At present, the Secretary of Foreign Relations Marcelo Ebrard has attached enormous importance in the bilateral relationship with the United States to the issue of the transfer of weapons to try to solve the problem of violence.

Another of the presentations that took place on December 21, 1989 addressed the issue of “Migration and human rights.” It was taught by Mr. Miguel Limón. Three decades later, the issue is not only still valid, it has gained enormous importance, and for the president of the United States it is politically very sensitive.

Among the new topics that stand out in this 2022 is that of science and technology. Foreign Minister Ebrard participated in a panel of the Technical Council for Knowledge and Innovation, and asked the diplomatic corps to link Mexico with the best of international science and technology to strengthen economic growth in the context of the pandemic.

The body of the Mexican Foreign Service (SEM) is magnificent. Its members are professionals in the field because they all participate in selection processes.

The SEM is a jewel of the Mexican State.

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