Metepec, the option for those looking for residential housing in CDMX and it is not enough for them

The residential housing is a segment that, for the inhabitants of the Mexico City (CDMX), can reach prices of up to millions of pesos and dollars, and even its offer is limited.

According to data from the Single Housing Registry, the living place of luxury in the CDMX, that is to say the residential one, barely registered four units in production in the first quarter of this year.

Therefore, options within the Valley of Mexico, such as Metepec and Toluca, represent an opportunity to even live in a magical town, less than an hour from the financial centers of Mexico City, according to Consorcio Zero.

José Luis Vigueras, commercial director of Consorcio Inmobiliario, explained that even after the effects of the pandemic, search engines living place They want options that allow them to work remotely, but with large spaces and even amenities such as a business center within their own development.

The advantage of an urban magical town

According to data from Lamudi, currently Metepec It is located among the 10 municipalities with the highest growth in search engines. living place.

Effect that, in part, according to the Zero consortium, responds to the discovery of workers and employers that they no longer need to be in the offices.

Thus, taking the proximity to one of the most important business centers of CDMX, Santa Fe, as a reference, an alternative has been found to reduce trips to the offices.

“We are 30 minutes from Santa Fe, we have prices well below what Santa Fe costs you,” said José Luis Vigueras.

“If you have 10 million pesos in your hand, it will be enough for a 60-square-meter apartment in Santa Fe, with one or two bedrooms and shared amenities with 500 other families, your view will be cement (…) in Volterra ( project of Metepec) your view will be of the volcano, with three bedrooms, two parking spaces, with a warehouse in a vertical development”, explained the director of Consorcio Zero.

In addition, the specialist highlighted, the inhabitants of Metepec They have development advantages within Edomex, for example, due to their proximity to industrial zones that house companies such as Pfizer, General Motors and Bimbo.

connected to the city

Projects such as the Mexico-Toluca Train, planned to start operations as of 2023, will be a factor that triggers the surplus value of the households in the Valley of Toluca, an area where Metepec.

For this reason, for Vigueras, together with the commercial offer in the area such as the Town Square project Metepecwill trigger the preference of people with high purchasing power, but also this by offering proximity to the office centers and nature reserves of the State of Mexico.

“Especially for the investor market, which is looking for their money to give them a higher return,” he said.

He recalled that while in Santa Fe, 10 million pesos is enough for an apartment of 60 square meters, at a monthly rent of 40,000 pesos, that investment is enough for two apartments in Metepecwith better amenities.

“You are entering a broader market niche, where what the people of Mexico City are looking for are nearby places to live, where they have another quality of life,” he said.

Since 2021, Consorcio Zero has mainly served the demand of inhabitants of Mexico City and even Bajío, when previously they focused on serving the population of the Toluca Valley.

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