Mercadona’s new colorful candy that customers “love”: it costs 0.95 euros

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It is becoming more and more common to take care of your diet, reduce excesses and avoid sweets. Because, Mercadona has decided to launch a new product that encourages its consumers to lead a healthier life, without ceasing to enjoy at any time. It has achieved this by completely eliminating the sugar from one of the sweets that were generally created as a result of it: candies. It is not the first time that the Valencian chain surprises with its products, the last time it did so with chewing gums that promise to lose weight o go cheese tequeños that until then were eaten at the Goiko.

The new candies are sold in a 100 gram bag and include six different flavors: orange, strawberry, lemon, melon, cherry and blackberry. they cost 0,95 euros

What has surprised Juan Roig’s clients is the absence of sugar and gluten, two ingredients that, when removed, contribute to a healthier and more suitable diet for all types of people with certain intolerances. The followers of the chain have shown their emotion on social networks with comments such as “They are very good, I love them” or “They are delicious and they satisfy the desire for something sweet.”

It is advisable to store them in a dry and cool place and not consume excessively. They are marketed under Hacendado’s own brand and include sweeteners.

Its origin

At the beginning of its existence they were used to give to sick people as a medicine, later it was a food only for wealthy people.


Various stories assure that its origin is associated with cavemen, who liked to eat honey panels. As civilization began to develop, it became a highly commercialized product.

This is when the candies appear, due to the need to find a light food that would serve as sustenance for the trips.

Finally, it was in the India Where the first candies created with sugar appeared, solid sugar was first produced. Only the rich had the luxury of consuming them, since in the XV century and XVI sugar had a really high price.

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