The Saint-Jean-Baptiste celebrations took on disproportionate proportions overnight from Saturday to Sunday in the Saint-Jean-Vianney sector, in Saguenay.

Several debris still strewn on the ground, Monday, in front of the forecourt of the old church where the party took place.

“The Police Department is asking the public, if there are people who have images of the event, to send them to us. We know that there are certain images that have circulated on social networks; you should know that there is an investigation that is open, “asked Carl Tremblay, media relations manager for the Saguenay police department.

It was calls from several citizens, bothered by the incessant noise, who alerted the police late at night. When the police arrived on the scene, nearly 75 people were celebrating the national holiday, heavily intoxicated. On site: several pieces of waste were strewn on the ground, including the remains of fireworks and beer cans. Also, burnt tire scraps and skewer bits.

When the police arrived, the revelers were far from cooperating. Some even threw stones at the peace officers, in addition to shuffling their vehicles.

Some people were forced to leave the scene and others were spotted by the police force. Arrests are expected to take place in the coming days. Charges of assault with a weapon against a peace officer as well as charges of intimidation under the municipal by-law and/or the Criminal Code could also be brought against certain individuals.

The police have also asked the City of Saguenay to pick up the debris. In the meantime, motorists traveling in the area are asked to be careful.

“It is certain that we will be there for the next few weeks. You should know that there will be zero tolerance for any criminal behavior,” said Sergeant Tremblay.

City councilor Claude Bouchard was also contacted on the night of Saturday to Sunday by citizens unhappy with the mayhem they heard from their residence. The latter was able to see the inventory on Monday afternoon. He too asks that things stop, because unfortunately, it is a recurring problem in the sector, and this, almost every weekend in the summer.

“We are sitting down with the police services this week and we are going to look at the game plan for the coming weekends, because it is weekend after weekend, so we absolutely have to find a way to stop. that,” lamented Claude Bouchard, municipal councilor for District #2.

Sexual practices in public

Another recurring problem for several years in the sector: sexual intercourse in public. Even today, many people indulge in outdoor sexual practices in more isolated streets. Unfortunately, it’s a reputation that lives on. Many police officers and elected officials are asking for the problem to stop. Measures in this direction will also be initiated shortly.

“We know that Saint-Jean-Vianney is famous for attracting this kind of people who come looking for sexual services. People can express their sexuality. There is no problem, but it is prohibited in public places,” explained Sergeant Tremblay.

Mr. Bouchard would also like this reputation to change. He will also take steps soon.

“We are looking with Promotion Saguenay how we could arrange the site to supervise it so that we no longer have these problems. Currently, our smoke shows and sexual services are two major problems that we have been experiencing for some time in the territory of Saint-Jean-Vianney,” he observed.

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