‘Masterchef Celebrity 2021’, grand finale live: Bustamante, Juanma Castaño, Belén López and Miki Nadal play their victory

  • The chefs Joan and Pitu Roca, Jesús Sánchez and Quique Dacosta will be present at the last gala of the sixth edition of TVE’s culinary talent.

Miki Nadal, Juanma Castaño, Belén López and David Bustamante will fight tonight to win the sixth edition of ‘Masterchef Celebrity’. Only two of them will face the great final duel, in which they will have to cook a free menu consisting of three dishes. The best of the first test will be proclaimed a duelist, and the second will be the one who shines in the outdoor test.

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In the first test, they will reproduce a spectacular dish by chef Jesús Sánchez (three Repsol Suns and three Michelin stars). The guest will cook the dish in front of the applicants and the four finalists must follow in their footsteps without getting lost. The best will get the long-awaited jacket and the pass to the final duel.

We review live the moments of the grand finale of ‘Masterchef Celebrity 6’ on La 1 de TVE.


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