Massachusetts Raises West Nile Virus High Risk

VIRUS. 27 Massachusetts communities are at high risk of contagion / Pixabay

This Friday, the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health raised the West Nile virus to high risk in 27 communities in the state, a decision that came after four recent cases, in addition to the first case in an animal.

Because it is important?: State health officials confirmed an increase in the presence of the Culex mosquito, which is the carrier of the virus. According to experts, the recent climatic conditions in the area are favorable for the reproduction and activity of the insect.

  • Although the West Nile virus does not usually reflect symptoms in carriers, it does have a greater impact in those over 50 years of age.
  • Flu and fever appear as the main characteristics of those who are most affected by the virus.

What do they say?: “September is the month in which we are most likely to see people infected with the West Nile virus,” said Marget Cook, acting commissioner of the Massachusetts State Department of Public Health, in a statement.

  • “We recommend everyone to take measures to avoid mosquito bites,” advised the specialist.
  • “As nighttime temperatures get colder, mosquito activity around dusk and dawn can be more intense,” he added.

Main source of the news: CBS

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