Martyred child of Granby: the trial of the mother-in-law will resume in mid-October

The hearing of the first witnesses in the trial of the mother-in-law of the martyred girl from Granby is postponed until October 18 because one of the lawyers has been appointed judge.

The accused’s lead lawyer, Me Matthieu Poliquin, was appointed judge of the Court of Quebec on September 16. His assistant, Me Alexandre Biron, is ready to take over the case, but he must enlist the services of a second lawyer.

Me Pénélope Lacoursière has accepted the challenge, but she needs time to prepare. Judge Louis Dionne has therefore agreed to postpone the hearing of the first witnesses to October 18.

The mother-in-law of the girl who died in disturbing circumstances in April 2019 is charged with premeditated murder and forcible confinement. The girl’s father also faces serious charges.

The jury was selected on September 13th. The trial is expected to last between five and eight weeks at the Trois-Rivières courthouse. About twenty witnesses are expected to be called to the bar, including police officers, experts and relatives.

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