Married plays a rebuttal against Calviño after a personal clash

  • Internal discomfort in the conservative ranks over the use that their leader is making of a “private conversation”

Pablo Casado decided on Thursday to focus its opposition to the Government on the figure of Nadia Calviño, a vice president who had been largely spared up to now from azote of the principal match from opposition, more focused on Pedro Sánchez and his partners “filoetarras“and in the” communist “Yolanda Díaz. A personal clash between Casado and Calviño last Wednesday has led the leader of the PP to call a rebuttal and ask his parliamentary group and the territorial spokesmen to charge against the number two of the Executive. result can be listed: more than 100 questions in writing registered in Congress and the petition to the Prime Minister to dismiss her from the Council of Ministers as a “tax fraudster.”

Feijóo assures his leader of the ranks that “tension” does not contribute anything and that what is “revolutionary is calm”

The origin of this episode dates back to Wednesday when, in the government control session, Casado demanded explanations from Sánchez for the scandals involving minors under guardianship in the Balearic Islands and made reference to the conviction of the ex-husband of the vice president of the Valencian Community, Monica Beyond, for abusing a protected minor. It was also the day of “What the hell has to happen in Spain for you to assume any responsibility?” A few hours later, Calviño and the leader of the PP attended a ceremony and, in private, the vice president reproached Casado for those comments. “I am disgusted by what you have said about the abuse of minors. You cannot take the cases of minors in full,” said PP sources that the vice president told him. The scuffle, advanced for ‘El Confidencial’, it was later completed by the mayor of Madrid and spokesman for the popular, José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who revealed that Calviño told him that his boss was “unbalanced“.

Dangerous antecedent

The fact that Almeida and Casado made those conversations public private It has annoyed some leaders of the PP consulted by this newspaper. “So everything that Casado says now in private can be published? Many times we tell each other atrocities in the heat of battle and it does not occur to us to go to that extreme,” complained one of those high officials, who warns that it is a dangerous antecedent.

This Friday, in Galicia, Casado kept the pressure on the Minister of Economy and rescued information from 2018 to point it out again. The leader of the conservatives asked Sánchez to fulfill his promise not to have in his government anyone who has had a society to benefit fiscally. Calviño, in this case, created Aldael Builders in 2000 and through it he acquired his home. Four years later, she separated from society when she became CEO with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero.

During the act, the president of the popular had to listen to the warning of the Galician leader, Alberto Núñez Feijóo: in his opinion, the “tension” adds nothing. “What is truly revolutionary is calm, serenity,” he told her. Minutes later, Casado took the floor and justified his “tough opposition” and assured that both Feijóo and Mariano Rajoy did it before they came to govern.

“Not everything goes”

The Government, meanwhile, accuses the PP of fueling tension and raising tension. On Thursday the president did so from Brussels (“when respect and education are lost, everything is lost & rdquor;), and hours later from Madrid, in the declaration of goodbye to Manuel Castells, by opposing the policy of”I respect”, la “empathy& rdquor; and the “dialogue& rdquor; in the aggressive style of Genoa. “We are seeing a Mr. Casado and a PP that will not even recognize their own voters. Not everything goes, not everything adds up. Casado’s opposition policy detracts from Spain, the democratic quality and the prestige of our institutions & rdquor ;, the spokesperson, Isabel Rodríguez, added after the Council of Ministers. She made a new appeal to “good politics”, to “calm”, to “understanding”, because it is what “the vast majority of Spaniards” demand.

However, in Ferraz and in the Executive there is division of opinions. There are those who are surprised by Calviño’s tusk, which until now had not emerged. “Is rumbosa. It does not hit him, but it has been on his own initiative and he is increasingly comfortable in his political role. Look at their responses in the Wednesday control & rdquor ;, says a party official, who refers to his interventions in recent months in front of the opposition, in which he has gained ease and body and increasingly detaches himself from his more technical role . “It’s all very weird. I do not understand anything& rdquor ;, adds a minister who knows her well and who has had disagreements with her and knows her tough nature.

Others, however, point out that Calvin is “as always”, only that it has gained prominence with European funds. “Nadia has always been like this, but she has always been overshadowed by other profiles. He has always been a person with a moderate profile in the forms but very social in the political & rdquor ;, subscribes a high command of the PSOE.

In the Executive and in Ferraz there are those who point out the greater political prominence that Calviño is gaining. In her team they emphasize that she is the one who responds after the president as first vice president who is

Another member of the Cabinet, who weighs heavily on him, insists that this reaction “hits” him. “Broke out without thinking. She is observant and demanding, and a bit bossy. And it came out … uninhibited and up to the nose. Let’s not forget his squabbles with Yolanda Díaz. In this case, with Casado, even though he was absolutely right, he should have been restrained. “In Moncloa, for his part, they assure that the head of the PP” pricks to the bone “by wanting to wear Calviño down, when she is untouchable right now to the president, and she is a “magnificent minister”, “as everyone knows.” In the team of the person in charge of Economy they do not want to give “continuity” to the controversy, but they underline that “being first vice president, she responds after the president“.” That gives more visibility than being a minister, but has not changed registration & rdquor ;, they defend.

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In the Executive, there are those who admit their amazement at seeing a private conversation published in the press, because it violates the uses and customs of politics. “What is said without microphones or cameras has no political relevance. The issue is that the PP has given advertising. I also tell him many things in private [a Casado] , but it is true that I do not usually insult, criticize yes. What happens is that Pablo has felt personally insulted“, points out another minister. It is, in any case, a new fissure in an impossible relationship between the government and the opposition, with Calviño at the center of the controversy, and that is a new element.

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