Married lengthens his agony before the barons of the PP

Pablo Married it curls up The leader of the PP is reluctant to leave in a hurry and running the position of him as president and said so face to face this Wednesday to the territorial barons at the Genoa headquarters. Most of them had already made it clear to him before entering the meeting that they wanted him to announce his resignation now. Sooner. They urged him to take that step because he couldn’t go on another day without clearing it up. Alberto Núñez Feijóo came to offer himself before his companions to collect the witness. The envelope was complete.

The Palencia politician resisted for hours, in a tense meeting that began at 8:45 p.m. and lasted past midnight. At the close of this edition, the leader of the PP had not given his arm to twist. According to sources from his team, he considers that it is already clear that he will leave office and his desire “is to do well” and be he “the one who communicates it to his party”. A formula could be that it reaches the national board of directors that will meet next Tuesday (which brings together 400 senior officials from all over Spain). Another, much more unlikely, given the attitude of the barons, to reach the congress.

He wants an honorable exit,” those sources pointed out. Casado believes that he has already given in by accepting that next Tuesday, in that board of directors, a date will be set for an extraordinary congress to elect a new president of the popular ones. If the conclave is urgent, it can be held in a month. Also, Casado reminded them, they already have the head of the general secretary, Teodoro Garcia Egea, something that some barons had suggested to him to do last Friday to “calm the waters”. But the barons wanted to close the ‘Married era’ immediately.

The still head of the popular showed his disbelief before the surround of his companions in ranks

The still head of the popular showed his disbelief at the speed of events. According to sources present, Casado said that he “doesn’t understand anything that is happening” and other interlocutors have replied that it would be easy for him to understand if he “walked down the street.”

Sources from the Feijóo team confirmed the will of the president of the Xunta to take the step and insisted that his wish is to be elected by the militancy because “Respect for the party’s statutes is total”. An official spokeswoman for the Galician leader completely ruled out the option that he be elected in a quick system that the statutes allow and that would mean that Feijóo is appointed president by the national executive committee (formed by the leadership and territorial leaders).

The key meeting this Wednesday afternoon began with the trickle of territorial leaders at the gates of the national headquarters, clamoring for the leader’s departure without fissures: “We need a congress of unity now & rdquor ;, “The solution is called Feijóo & rdquor;, “the president of the Xunta is a political reference for all & rdquor ;. The same messages were repeated with the arrival of each of the aforementioned barons at eight in the afternoon. The only thing missing was Isabel Diaz Ayuso for not being president of the PP in Madrid.

Exactly seven days have passed since the alleged espionage exploded Isabel Diaz Ayuso to the coven against Married. And in those days the worst of politics has been seen: dossiers, commissions to ‘very brothers‘ in the midst of a pandemic, alleged blackmail, mass defections and political alliances that are invincible (Ayuso-Feijóo). When the first information about the case broke out on Wednesday, the party began to tremble. Genoa denied being involved in the investigations of the president’s brother for the alleged collection of commissions as a result of a Community contract. But the reality is that a leader of the PP in Madrid, an intimate of Casado and Egea, Ángel Carromero, resigned almost immediately.

The fight with Ayuso over the matter of his brother ended up contaminating everything. What was a struggle to control the PP in Madrid and prevent the president from taking over the organic rudder ended up being a stark, public war full of attacks. The party could not assume that the leadership would charge against the most popular leader of the Spanish right and the greatest electoral asset of the moment. And, above all, that the leader of the PP placed a regional leader on the verge of influence peddling without providing evidence. “It is unsustainable”repeated in all territories last weekend.

“He wants an honorable exit,” say sources from the Palencia politician’s team

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Casado is going to leave the presidency of the PP in a way traumaticas entered, after the motion of censure against Mariano Rajoy. He is going to be succeeded by the Galician politician whom he made ugly, on June 18, 2018, who did not dare to present his candidacy to head the party. “We can not go on dragging the feet for a whole week to think about who wants to lead a party that is one of the fundamental pillars of the Spanish democratic system”, he threw at Feijóo.

Then, as now, most of the top PP officials were waiting for the president of the Xunta to take the step to succeed Rajoy. And he dismissed the request. Now, he has accepted her. And this Wednesday he solemnized it at the headquarters of Genoa before his colleagues.

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